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MahJong Suite Portable is a high-quality collection of MahJong solitaire games.Each MahJong game has billions of possible shuffles to play, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play. Enjoy the detailed statistics of each game with graphs, 3D charts (pies and bars) and tables to estimate your skill level (by total, current session, series of wins and losses, players’ games won, players’ score, hi-scores…), statistics for All Games, Won games, Not Won games, Over Average, Under Average, Not Played…

MahJong Suite contains over 2,000 unique layouts, each with its own set of challenges and obstacles. Players can choose from a variety of tile sets, including traditional Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, and many more. The games are divided into categories, such as Classic, Memory, Word, and Solitaire, making it easy for players to find the perfect game to suit their preferences and skill levels.

One of the most appealing aspects of MahJong Suite is its user-friendly interface. The graphics are sharp and clean, and the menu system is intuitive, allowing players to quickly navigate through the various options and settings. The suite also includes a range of customization features, allowing players to adjust the appearance of the game board, the tile sets, and the sound effects to their liking.

In addition to the standard Mahjong games, MahJong Suite includes a variety of innovative and exciting variations on the classic game. For example, players can try their hand at Memory Mahjong, which requires them to match pairs of tiles based on their memory alone. Or they can tackle Word Mahjong, where the tiles are marked with letters and players must create words by matching the tiles in the correct order.

Players can also enjoy a range of solitaire games, where the goal is to clear the board by removing all the tiles in a specific pattern. These games require strategy and careful planning, as players must think several moves ahead to ensure they don’t get stuck with unmatchable tiles.

MahJong Suite also includes a comprehensive help system, providing players with information on the rules of each game and tips on how to improve their gameplay. This feature is particularly helpful for beginners who may be new to the world of Mahjong.

The suite also includes a range of features designed to enhance the gaming experience. For example, players can save their progress and resume their game at a later time, making it easy to pick up where they left off. The suite also includes a range of statistics and records, allowing players to track their progress and compare their scores with other players.

Another great feature of MahJong Suite is its multiplayer mode. Players can connect over a network or the internet and compete against each other in real-time. This adds an extra level of excitement to the games, as players can see how they stack up against others around the world.

Overall, MahJong Suite is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive and entertaining Mahjong software package. With its wide range of games, user-friendly interface, and innovative variations on the classic game, there’s something for everyone in this suite. Whether you’re a seasoned Mahjong player or just starting out, MahJong Suite is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

For MahJong lovers, MahJong Suite Portable is a guaranteed pleasure. Each of the games is fun and exciting and will keep you entertained for hours. If you like MahJong games, then you’ll want to add MahJong Suite to your collection!

There are many traditional games from all over the world that have gained worldwide fame in the last few decades, thanks to the Internet. Hence, obscure games originating in far-away countries can now be enjoyed on your personal computer, together with your friends, or even against the computer. One of the best examples out there is mahjong, although this one was pretty widespread even before computers took over.

A comprehensive collection of layouts and tiles

MahJong Suite is exactly what sounds like, since it encompasses a vast collection of mahjong layouts for you try and unravel. While the rules of the game are essentially the same as in the classical version played with real tiles, you can bring a bit of enjoyment to the formula in the form of different layouts, as well as many types of tiles to spice up both the action and the visual appeal.

As such, your first concern is choosing the right layout and tileset from a long list of available options, all of which provide you with a different challenge. Many shapes and creative spins on the subject are provided to you, although the classic ones are there as well. Hence, whether you want to tackle the original puzzle with traditional Chinese pieces or you are in the mood for something more modern, the choice is entirely up to you.

Good graphics and streamlined user interface

Gameplay-wise, there’s not a lot to talk about, considering the fact that all you have to do is click on the right pieces, in order to eliminate them from the stack. However, everything is quite smooth and easy-to-grasp, even if you are not that familiar with computers. In fact, the mouse is the only thing you’ll be needing, because there’s not much use for the keyboard.

One of the more advanced functions you can toy with is the layout editor, which comes in handy if you have any ideas about a certain shape that could be fun to play. Although it requires a bit more expertise than the game itself, the editor is by no means complicated, given the fact that all you have to do is place the pieces in the desired position. It helps to know the rules of the game beforehand, however, because it’s not as easy as you think.

Satisfy your mahjong craving with this game

When it’s all said and done, MahJong Suite Portable is packed with layouts and features to keep you busy for a very long time, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast. That, along with the top-notch visuals and the built-in editor should make this a pretty easy choice to make.



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