NKBoot v3.0 Final WinPE 11



NKBoot is a set of computer rescue tools for technicians and hobbyists. Over the long period of development, NKBoot has become more and more advanced and trusted by many people.

Over a long period of development, NKBoot has become more and more complete and trusted by many people. Next to the NKBoot 2021 V2.2.1 version is the V3.0 version with a completely new design, more professional, more stylish. More utilities and more software, making it easier for technicians and amateurs to work.

– Boot support for UEFI and Legacy/CSM standards.
– Support for getting a hard drive, sound on Gen 10, 11″ laptops
– Touchpad support on 10th and 11th generation and earlier Intel laptops.
WinPE download speed is very fast.
– A completely new design that combines style between classic and modern.
– Lots of great features and utilities.
– WinPe11 can install multiple exe or msi files.
– With dedicated Ultraview support, it’s easy to tamper with other computers remotely.
– Install windows by directly running the Windows Installer Setup.exe file in the NKBoot environment.
– The application menu is very beautiful and scientific.

Minimum hardware configuration requirements: CPU = Pentium4  – RAM >= 1.5 GB



Download NKBoot WinPE

Download – 3.5 GB

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