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Although you regard it as a simple machine, your computer can only deliver as much performance as it can, depending on the amount of info you provide and applications you use. Performing one too many unnecessary operations might clog your computer, damage it or significantly reduce performance. Luckily, there are specialized applications like PC Fresh Portable that aim to keep your machine in good shape so you can use it at its full potential.

A helpful wizard quickly gets you up and running

Right from the start, the application attempts to take you through a series of steps, or an interview as mentioned, in order to know what and how to handle areas of your computer. This comes in handy for both beginners and experienced individuals, because everything is highly-intuitive.

Not only this, but you only need to go through several yes or no questions regarding all aspects of your PC, such as whether or not you’re connecting to the web via Wi-Fi, or if you use specific Windows features.

Wide array of optimization and configuration tools

You can also choose to ignore the initial setup wizard and take matters into your own hands. With a modern and well-organized interface, you’ll know what to do once you reach the main window. Several areas can be managed, such as services, startup items, speed, accessibility and interface customization, as well as a handful of extra tools.

Change behavior of running services

Each utility you trigger automatically scans your computer for target items, but the process usually takes several seconds. For instance, the services management window thoroughly displays potential issues and automatically stops those that are not necessary or harmful. You can also apply filters to view enabled, disabled or recommended ones, in an attempt to manually change the behavior of each one.

Add or remove startup items

Furthermore, you can add or remove applications that automatically launch at startup for better optimization. All items are displayed, including Windows services, along with details regarding path and a short description so you know if it should be changed.

An optimization counterpart helps you squeeze a little bit more juice out of your computer, by analyzing boot, network, disk, RAM, system, visual effects and a few other areas of your computer. Again, settings can be handled manually or automatically taken care of at the press of a button.

Rich set of security and power tools

Windows features don’t escape from the process, with a dedicated tool for advanced users. With it, you are able to thoroughly modify input settings, user interface elements, explorer options, security and system adjustments.

Moreover, an extra toolbox is at your disposal for more comfort. Worth mentioning is a utility which scans your computer for licensed apps in order to retrieve serial keys. General info about your computer is available at the press of a button, with options to also view SMART data.

Clever management and distribution of resources

Last but not least, the application comes equipped with the “PowerNow” feature, which cleverly distributes system resources to applications you use. It also lets you manually configure several settings, like an automatic trigger when specific files are accessed. This feature can also be set to an automatic mode, which cleverly handles processes and services for more performance.

A few last words

To sum it up, PC Fresh Portable is one of those applications that needs to be amongst the top entries in the list of tools you deploy after a fresh install of Windows. Every aspect of the application is intuitive, with descriptions and a helpful wizard to make cleaning more comfortable. Automated tools, as well as thorough editing options for a large variety of features make it worth at lest a try.

Overview of all functions

Benefit from recommendations

PC Fresh will assist you with recommendations when setting up services and autostart programs.

Individual system adjustment

Customize the look and feel of the system to your personal preferences.

Monitor Windows services

With PC Fresh Portable all services running in the background can be displayed and stopped if necessary.

RAM tuner and system information

The memory optimization helps to free up unnecessarily used working memory even without a necessary restart of the computer.

Startup optimization

PC Fresh lists all autostarters and allows you to disable all those you can do without.

By interview determined requirements

PC Fresh performs an interview to identify your operating system requirements. Thus, only recommendations will be done, which satisfy your demand.

Power Now!-Modus

With this mode, all unnecessary services are switched off to get maximum performance for you.

PC Fresh has different services to optimize your PC

Windows does what it wants – and usually too much of it. PC Fresh steps in to shut down unnecessary Windows services and annoying autostarters, to release many system brakes and to optimize the PC. In addition, the software searches for lost serial numbers and adapts Windows to its own wishes. The tool comes with a manager that allows you to edit the open-with-menu in a very easy way. PC Fresh is aimed at all Windows users who wish to have more control over their operating system without being required to learn the necessary expertise. The tool takes Windows by the reins and adapts it extensively to your own wishes, making your pc faster too. For this purpose, the software offers several modules that can be operated by mouse click.

Autostarters are displayed and can be switched off manually

PC Fresh Portable allows you to view all active services that Windows runs in the background. Many services that the user does not need can be switched off. This relieves the memory and provides a better performance. This effect can also be seen by cleaning up the autostarter list. Many programs start with Windows without being asked – even though they are not needed. So you can do without starting these programs. Finally, PC Fresh can help to influence the performance options of Windows. To do this, the software collects the current status quo and makes recommendations for new tuning settings. With the customization module it is easy to customize Windows to your own wishes and thus optimize your PC. The “Tweaks” can be viewed and activated if you like it.

The PowerNow! module ensures the maximum performance of your PC

The Power Now! Module maximizes performance with just one click of the mouse and turns off all unnecessary settings to make your PC faster. Even more tuning aids can be found under the heading Safety & Power Tools. With these tools it is possible to defragment the hard disk, optimize the memory, analyze the disk space consumption and show a system information. The “Open with” manager allows you to customize the “Open with” assignments of Windows. In this way, the user himself determines which program is opened when a file is double-clicked. “PC Fresh” is also able to clean the existing “Open with” list from old and no longer valid or unwanted assignments.

The internal backup lets you undo changes

PC Fresh Portable offers many setting options such as showing and hiding the Cortana search field or the newly integrated Explorer Editor. The new Explorer Editor clearly lists all possible entries in the left-hand navigation area of the Windows Explorer and allows you to show or hide them at the touch of a button. “PC Fresh” offers an internal backup. In this way, all changes can be undone at any time. The backup has now been optimized. From now on, changes no longer have to be undone individually. Instead, it is possible to undo all changes of a certain day in one go – within the last 30 days. PC Fresh is the solution for everyone who wants to make their PC faster. The optimization tool is now available for download and supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.






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