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Windows PC Health Check Portable gives you quick access to the health of your computer and can check if you can run Windows 11. Windows PC Health Check shows you the available memory, RAM, hard drive, and age of your PC. You can see the storage capacity percentage, startup time, last Windows Update, and backup & sync status.

When we added Windows PC Health Check, it’s not much as System Information tools go, but it’s an easy way to see if your computer can run Windows 11. (Hint: If you’re using Windows 10, it probably can). Click on Check now, where you see Introducing Windows 11.

Windows PC Health Check said we couldn’t upgrade to Windows 11 on a month-old computer. This is because Windows 11 requires TPM and Secure Boot in your UEFI (BIOS). We don’t expect this requirement to be final as part of Windows 11 initially, but we’re waiting to hear from Microsoft.

Yes, the hype is massive, the promises are even bigger, and the slew of questions keeps increasing. While there are a lot of valid questions to be asked, probably none is more important than – “Can I run Windows 11 on my PC?”

Get your answer now with PC Health Check

A quick glance over the system requirements for Windows 11 definitely spells bad news for users running older PCs, laptops, or other Microsoft devices. The main issue is the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) version 2.0 requirement.

However, if you want to be 100% certain if your PC can or cannot run Windows 11, the easiest way is to download and run PC Health Check.

App rundown

There’s nothing really fancy about this app, at least not in its current form. You get a basic GUI that displays a series of useful PC stats such as RAM,  available SDD or HDD space, and how old or new your device is.

Other than that, you get a series of other useful information such as when was your system last updated, the storage capacity of your device, details about the startup time, backup and sync options, and a series of related links such as “Tips on PC Health,” and “More on Windows 11.”

Windows 11 on your computer: yay or nay?

To find out if your PC can run Windows 11, press the “Check now” button. You’ll get one of two answers. Either “This PC can run Windows 11,” or “This PC can’t run Windows 11.”

In the case of the latter, the app also provides you with a limited set of information, such as to why your PC is not compatible. For example: “The PC must support Secure Boot.” It’s not a lot, but at least It’s something. Hopefully, you’ll receive good news if you’re keen on being among the first to try out the new OS later this year.

IMPORTANT: Before running the test, you should check if your PC is compatible with TPM 1.2 (and 2.0). Please note that this feature sometime needs to be enabled from your computer’s BIOS.


Download Windows PC Health Check Portable

Download – 5.7 MB

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