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Redact and Black Out PDF Text and Images Easily. PDF Redactor Portable is a Windows PDF redaction software tool designed to redact (black out) or delete sensitive text and images in a PDF file to protect the privacy of PDF content.

The rapid technological advancements of the 21st century have brought about many ways to digitalize everything, and documents are no exception.

Thanks to that, the digitalized documents of today often bear the .PDF extension, which provides everyone with a quick way to check and sign them from their devices. Considering that such documents frequently contain sensitive information, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hide it: PDF Redactor can do that for you.

Redact PDF text with ease

The interface of this app is a very to-the-point one, so it won’t take long for anyone to figure how everything works. Upon launching it, you will be prompted to add a PDF file, and then you can make use of the app’s features.

Before choosing to redact a passage, the program will instruct you on how to do so: click the Redact option, highlight the text you wish to hide, then save the PDF. Thereafter, the highlighted text will be blacked out, erasing any possibility of it being somehow revealed through reverse-engineering. As such, you can rest easy knowing that the information you redact here will stay redacted.

There’s also the Delete option, which allows users to delete the highlighted writing entirely.

Add text and images to your documents

The program allows users to insert images and text over their PDF documents, and the process is intuitive and smooth. You can move around and resize anything you add this way, and there’s also a bit more customization you can do to your text.

Essentially, you can change its font, size, as well as color through the Tools menu. We found it a bit counterintuitive that you can’t directly edit through right-clicking on it, as the Tools menu can be quite cumbersome to reach sometimes.

6 Top Features of PDF Redactor
• Redact & Black Out PDF Text
• Delete Sensitive PDF Content
• Rotate PDF Pages
• Customize the Redaction Area Color
• Support Secured PDFs & Unlock Automatically
• Add Text and Images to PDF

Redact PDF and Black Out Text & Images Easily
A small PDF redaction software tool allows you to black out the PDF text and images to wipe the privacy content off with ease.

Why do you need to redact/black out or delete sensitive content?
In our common daily work, you may often encounter some PDF files that contain confidential content or private information, such as personal and company names, payment amounts, credit card numbers and other important text and numbers. Before distributing the PDF file to the public, you can use PDF Redactor to redact (black out) or delete sensitive text and image in the PDF to protect the privacy. Not only can the blacked-out content not be viewed, but even if the reader uses the text search function, it cannot be found. The content will be completely removed from the PDF document.

Redact (Black Out) Text in a PDF File
The Redact function can completely delete the selected text and graphics from the PDF file and cover the original area with a color. In addition to the default black color, users can also choose their favorite color to cover these sensitive content areas.

Remove Sensitive Content from a PDF File
The Delete function is to delete the selected text and graphics without color coverage directly.



Download PDF Redactor Portable

Download – 15.3 MB

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