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Power Music Professional Portable is an innovative software designed to enhance the musical experience for performers, bands, and music teachers. With its comprehensive features and intuitive interface, this powerful tool revolutionizes the way musicians organize, annotate, and perform their sheet music. In this detailed guide, we will explore the robust capabilities and benefits of Power Music Professional Portable, highlighting its ability to streamline music management, improve practice efficiency, and elevate live performances. Discover how this user-friendly software can transform the way you engage with your music.

  1. Advanced Music Library Organization: Power Music Professional Portable offers a comprehensive music library organization system that simplifies the management of sheet music collections. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly import, categorize, and search for your sheet music files. The software supports various file formats, including PDF, chord pro, and image files, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of sheet music sources. By organizing your music library with Power Music Professional Portable, you can easily access and manage your repertoire, saving valuable time and effort.
  2. Interactive Digital Sheet Music: Power Music Professional Portable allows you to transform static sheet music into interactive digital scores. With its annotation tools, you can add dynamic markings, highlights, and personal notes directly onto the sheet music. This interactive feature enables you to personalize your scores, making it easier to interpret and perform your music. Whether you need to make tempo changes, highlight important sections, or add performance cues, Power Music Professional Portable empowers you to create a customized musical experience.
  3. Practice and Rehearsal Tools: Power Music Professional Portable offers a range of practice and rehearsal tools to enhance your musical development. The software enables you to loop specific sections of your sheet music, allowing you to focus on challenging passages and improve your performance. Additionally, you can adjust the playback speed to suit your practice needs, gradually increasing the tempo as you master the piece. These practice tools enable more efficient and targeted practice sessions, accelerating your progress as a musician.
  4. Performance Mode and Setlist Management: Power Music Professional Portable features a performance mode that revolutionizes live performances. With its intuitive interface and compatibility with foot pedals, you can seamlessly navigate through your sheet music during performances. The software also offers setlist management capabilities, allowing you to create and organize your performance sets with ease. Whether you are a solo performer, a band member, or a music teacher conducting a recital, Power Music Professional Portable ensures smooth and uninterrupted performances.
  5. Audio and MIDI Integration: Power Music Professional Portable seamlessly integrates audio and MIDI files into your sheet music, providing a comprehensive musical experience. You can synchronize your sheet music with audio recordings, play-along tracks, or MIDI files, allowing you to hear and follow along with your music. This integration enhances your practice sessions, facilitates ensemble playing, and offers a more immersive musical experience. With Power Music Professional Portable, you can bring your sheet music to life with audio and MIDI integration.
  6. Cross-Platform Compatibility and Cloud Syncing: Power Music Professional Portable is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and iOS, ensuring accessibility across different devices. Moreover, the software offers cloud syncing capabilities, enabling you to access your sheet music library and annotations from multiple devices. Whether you are using a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile device, Power Music Professional Portable keeps your music synchronized and readily available, enhancing convenience and flexibility.
  7. Robust Customer Support and Updates: Power Music Professional Portable is backed by a dedicated support team that ensures a smooth user experience. Prompt assistance is available through email and online forums, ensuring that any questions or technical issues are addressed promptly. Additionally, the software receives regular updates, providing users with new features, improvements, and compatibility enhancements. Power Music Professional Portable’s commitment to customer support and continuous improvement guarantees a reliable and up-to-date musical software solution.

Conclusion: Power Music Professional Portable empowers musicians of all levels to elevate their musical performance through advanced music library organization, interactive sheet music, practice tools, performance mode, audio integration, and cross-platform compatibility. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and dedicated customer support, Power Music Professional Portable revolutionizes the way musicians engage with their sheet music. Whether you are a solo performer, a band member, or a music teacher, this software is the ultimate tool to streamline your music management, enhance your practice sessions, and deliver captivating live performances.

Free yourself from the hassles of paper
All your music, in one place, instantly available on-screen for practice and performance.

Create and manage your chord sheets
Convert chord sheets in PDF and Word documents into fully transposable chord sheets.

Find your music instantly
Search your music collections using title, composer, first line, category, or even by melody.

Share music, set lists and annotations
Give everyone in the band, group, or orchestra access to the set list and their music, fully annotated.

Effortless page turning
Move through your music and set lists using a foot pedal or touchscreen.

See your music clearly
Enlarge music and change colours to aid visually impaired musicians.

Explore the features of Power Music
No other music display system comes close to the sophistication of Power Music. Explore the amazing features of this unique software. In addition to the information on this page we have extensive help videos explaining each feature in detail in our Help Centre, and a full feature comparison table can be found here.

Display sheet music, chord sheets or both
Choose to display sheet music, chord sheets or both. Set the number of columns or pages per screen to display.

Search by multiple criteria
Incredible fast and powerful search options. Search by title, first line, words in lyrics, author, category, melody, alternative titles and copyright information. Worship musicians can choose to search by Bible reference.

Create and share playlists
Search for a song and with one click or tap, add it to a playlist (setlist). Save and recall your playlists. Re-order the list, print it, or share it on Power Music Box for the other musicians and band members you play with to see it.

Transpose chord sheets, add capo chords
You can instantly transpose a chord sheet, either by selecting a key from a drop down list or in full screen performance mode by tapping + or – to transpose up or down. Select your capo key and the chords are displayed in brackets. It even tells you what fret to use.

Page turning using keyboard, touch screen or foot pedal
Effortless page turning. Hands-free – using USB or Bluetooth foot pedal or tap the touchscreen, USB button or keyboard. Turns the page and moves through a playlist.

Full screen display in portrait or landscape
In full screen mode you make the most of all the space on the screen. Menu and icon bars are switched off. The sidebar, which can also be switched on and off, shows the playlist, a clock, your performance notes and a link to an optional audio track, for example a backing track. Press ‘M’ or tap the clock and a metronome appears. Automatic single page display in portrait or multiple pages in landscape.

Annotate your music
Annotate your music using tools to draw, highlight, add sticky notes, musical notation, fingering, bowing, performance marks, bar numbers for quick navigation and much more.

Quick navigation
In large pieces of music or a score with many pages, Power Music’s Performance Marks and Bar Numbers allow instant navigation to any page or part of the piece of music. This feature is especially important and useful for orchestral players and accompanists during rehearsals.

Add performance notes
At a practice or rehearsal, add a performance note to a piece of music as a reminder. Use for organ registrations, intros and play order etc.

Intelligent chord sheet editor
The chord sheet editor has all the features you need to make creating and editing chord sheets a breeze. Type in your chord sheets or paste in lyrics/chord sheets. A single click places a chord above the lyrics. Automatic detection of lyrics and chords. Copy and paste from Word documents or web pages or import directly from PDF, .rtf or .txt. All chord sheets are transposable – even the ones you import from Word or PDF!

Sheet music editor – import sheet music from PDF, image files or scanner
Power Music has sophisticated PDF import features. If you want to import your paper sheet music the powerful built-in scanning software in Power Music makes life easy.

Power Music Box – share music & playlists
Power Music Box is integrated into all editions of Power Music. Power Music Box is a simple to use but incredibly powerful cloud storage system for sharing your music and playlists. At the click of a button send songs and playlists up to “My Box”. Then securely download from My Box into other PCs, Macs or iPads running Power Music.

Buy songs in Power Music format
To save you the time of importing or scanning your music into Power Music, we have set up a on-line music shop called Power Music Store. All the songs you buy from Power Music Store become available in your Power Music Box account (free account available). For more information, visit powermusicstore.com.

Social network and web links
As well as tagging, indexing and referencing your music, you can add web or social network links to all your songs. Clicking on an icon takes you to the artist’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube video, iTunes song, or any other link you choose.

Organise music into libraries
If you play in different bands or play different instruments or teach different music courses, you can organise your music into Libraries to make searching and displaying your music simple.

Instrumental parts
The Parts feature allows you to store multiple versions of a score in the one song then select the part you want to use. Parts could be for scores for different instruments or versions of the song in different keys.

Linked audio track
Every song in Power Music can have an audio track linked to it. This can be used to play a backing track or simply as a help when practising. The audio track can be set to auto-play as soon as a song is selected from the playlist, or it can be played using a key press or a mouse click. The mini-player allows playback control and volume adjustment.

Features for visually impaired musicians
Power Music has been hailed as the greatest tool for VI musicians. Recommended by the RNIB and overseas VI organisations, Power Music has brought new life to musicians who thought their days of reading music were over. Enlarged music and configurable colours have made reading music possible for VI musicians all over the world.

Melody search
One of Power Music’s unique features is the melody search. If you know the melody to a song, by simply noting if the next note in the melody is the same (s) as the last note, or higher (u) or lower (l), for the first 8 notes then you can find the song! For example, entering “udduudd” will find Silent Night.

Guitar tuner and metronome
Visual or audio metronome which can appear automatically or by key press. A tempo can be set for each song. The guitar tuner sounds the note for each string for tuning purposes.

Release Notes:

Added support for WIA Scanner Drivers in Sheet Music Editor/Scan.
Chord sheets - Display the current Key in the Title Bar in Full Screen Mode
Minor fixes



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