Portable ProKon 10.0z




In order to accurately convert various values you need help. Since using Google to search exact conversion units can sometimes take longer time than you’re willing to assign to such a task, you can use an app like ProKon. The software comes with a simple interface; a regular window with over 30 categories to choose from, such as acceleration, angle, area, density, elements, energy, geometry, heat, length, mass, temperature, time and velocity. You can even view items from the periodic table. Each element comes with a description and other important information, such as the atomic number and weight, number of oxidation states, density, as well as melting and boiling points.

Each area includes a wide range of conversion units, including local and antiquated. For instance you can see how many seconds a jiffy takes, how many grams a Japanese momme weights, or how long a Scottish mile is. Furthermore, you can create conversion parameters of your own.

ProKon also comes with another feature: a calculator. Here, you can figure out complex math problems or get financial help. The app can help you convert currencies, see how much inflation has affected the economy over the years, calculate your loan payments and your interest rates.

The software allows some customization. This can be done from the “Preferences” screen, where you can have the app display hints, thousand separator, speed buttons, adjust the number of decimals, or have all windows maximized.
All in all, ProKon is a useful program that can help you convert between a wide range of units. The app is simple to use and, overall, a highly efficient tool.

Here are some key features of “ProKon”:
· Capable of more than 400,000 different conversions.
· More than 60 additional calculation modules included.
· Includes a periodic table with pertinent information on each element.
· Scientific/Financial calculator with scrollable tape and integrated help.
· Material density class giving metric and Imperial densities of more than 600 common materials.
· Geometry class providing helpful hints for solving common geometric problems.
· Custom Conversion class for adding conversions that might not be included in ProKon.
· All conversion info can be printed or copied to clipboard and file.
· Comprehensive help is available throughout the program.
· Excellent teaching tool for anyone learning the metric system.
· Conversion results can be displayed graphically.

OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Language : English


X-10zPK.rar – 5.1 MB

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