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Riffstation Guitar Software – The ultimate practice app for guitarists and musicians on PC. A tool that will help you view the cords from your favorite songs and perform a variety of modifications to the track to extract the sounds you need.

Riffstation Portable is a cutting-edge software designed to revolutionize the way musicians learn, analyze, and play their favorite songs. Developed by a team of expert musicians and software engineers, this powerful tool offers an array of advanced features to assist musicians of all levels in mastering their craft. Whether you are a beginner guitarist, an experienced pianist, or a passionate vocalist, Riffstation Portable is an essential companion for your musical journey.

Key Features:

  1. Song Analysis and Visualization: Riffstation Portable employs advanced algorithms to analyze songs and extract essential components such as chords, tempo, and key signatures. This software provides visual representations of songs, allowing musicians to gain a deeper understanding of their favorite tracks and facilitating the learning process.
  2. Chord Recognition and Transposition: The software’s chord recognition feature accurately identifies the chords used in songs, displaying them in an intuitive and easy-to-understand format. Musicians can transpose the chords to different keys, enabling them to adapt songs to match their vocal range or instrument’s capabilities.
  3. Isolated Instrument Tracks: Riffstation Portable allows users to isolate specific instrument tracks within songs. This feature helps musicians focus on individual parts, such as guitar solos or piano melodies, and learn them in detail. By isolating instrument tracks, users can improve their playing skills and gain insights into the intricacies of their favorite songs.
  4. Looping and Slow Down: The software enables users to loop specific sections of a song, allowing for focused practice and repetition. Additionally, musicians can slow down the tempo of songs without altering the pitch, facilitating learning and enabling them to master challenging passages at their own pace.
  5. Automatic Chord Detection and Sync: Riffstation Portable’s automatic chord detection and sync feature intelligently adjusts the display of chords in real-time as the song plays. This synchronization ensures that musicians always have accurate chord information at their fingertips, making it easier to follow along and play songs with precision.
  6. Customizable Jam Track Creation: The software allows users to create their own custom jam tracks by muting specific instrument tracks or adjusting their volume levels. This feature provides musicians with the opportunity to play along with their favorite songs, enhancing their improvisation skills and fostering creativity.
  7. Advanced Effects and Tone Control: Riffstation Portable offers a range of effects and tone controls to further enhance the playing experience. Musicians can customize their sound by adjusting parameters such as reverb, EQ, and distortion. This feature enables users to experiment with different tones and achieve the desired sound for their instruments.
  8. Song Library and Online Community: The software includes a vast song library, featuring popular tracks from various genres and eras. Users can access chords, tabs, and other song details within the library, making it a valuable resource for learning new songs. Additionally, Riffstation Portable provides an online community where musicians can share their own interpretations, collaborate, and connect with fellow music enthusiasts.
  9. Integration with Music Production Software: Riffstation Portable seamlessly integrates with popular music production software such as Ableton Live and Pro Tools. This compatibility allows musicians to incorporate their analysis and learning from Riffstation into their own music production workflows, expanding their creative possibilities.


Riffstation Portable empowers musicians to unlock their full potential by providing comprehensive music analysis and learning tools. With its advanced chord recognition, isolated instrument tracks, and customizable jam track creation, this software assists musicians of all levels in mastering their favorite songs. Whether you are a beginner eager to learn your first chords, an experienced guitarist looking for inspiration, or a vocalist aiming to refine your performance, Riffstation Portable is an indispensable companion on your musical journey. Embrace the power of Riffstation Portable and take your musical skills to new heights today.

Music editing and production are certainly among the activities many users would like to get involved into, but they are much more difficult than they would seem at first glance. When it comes to working with specific musical instruments, things become even more complicated, but if playing the guitar is your hobby, for instance, then is worth taking a shot at using a tool like Riffstation.

With a great looking interface and easy to use controls, this utility can surely help in analyzing and extracting song passages. The waveform view is a great way of taking a close look inside the actual track and the many adjustments that accompany it will make it possible for you to make and monitor changes in real-time.

After loading a song, you can play it and modulate its tempo using either the dedicated knob or by directly moving the beat up or down via the BPM function. There are also 4 different modes you can opt for, as they provide various stereo field settings. Isolating a certain frequency can be done from the corresponding area inside the ‘Jam Master’ tab of the main window. There are controls for field width, separation and a low and high filter, all adjustable through their own controls.

Another thing you can change for a selected track is the pitch and for this sound property you can move high and low in the octaves, work on semitones and fine tune them as well. The playback controls, though, are very basic, with just one function a bit more special, namely the ‘loop’ feature. The ‘Chord Viewer’ and ‘Riff Builder’ modules of Riffstation are just what a specialist would look for in such an application and they will also increase the value of this impressive piece of software.

Jam Master:
– Extract or isolate the guitar
– Modify instrument volumes
– Slow down music in realtime
– Half speed to double speed
– Change key ( – / + Octave)
– Retune the audio not your guitar

Riff Builder:
– Build custom jam tracks
– Use any mp3 you like
– Build new riffs and songs
– Share them with friends
– Full control of each beat
– Shuffle mode builds new riffs with 1 click

Chord Viewer:
– Automatic chord recogniser
– View chords in realtime
– Chords change with music
– Learn chords in any key
– Detects Major, Minor & 7
– Advanced mode allows editing

The ultimate practice app for guitarists and musicians
– Get the chords for any song in your collection
– See the chord diagrams synced with the music
– Slow down or speed up any piece of music
– Change the key or pitch of any song
– Isolate or mute the guitar in the mix
– Get perfect practice loops synced with the beat




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