Portable CloneDisk 2.3.8




CloneDisk Portable offers user-friendly ways to back up your data on a regular basis. So if disaster strikes, you get it back quickly. It not only recovers all your data but, thanks to full-image backups, it can put everything back exactly where it was. That means all the same files in the same folders. The same applications and Operating System. The same icons and shortcuts. All your precious photos and videos. All your important work. Everything back to normal like it never happened!

The main CloneDisk Portable features are fast backup and restore hard disk or other devices,fast repair file, hard disk, floppy disk or other devices and fast clone hard disk, partition of fixed disk or other devices.

While most people will want to use this to make a backup image for their drive, it can do much more including:
save/restore the MBR or BS,
delete the layout of the drive
wipe with 0’s
create a raw image file
make a VMware or MS Virtual Server image from a raw image file to boot your cloned disk in VMware
do various operations on the registry around booting
format any device to fat16/fat32/ntfs/exFAT/UDF (including USB pen),
read faulty devices (with bad sectors for instance),
perform speed tests
edit the partition table, view the boot sector
create a disk, create a partition
Extend/shrink a volume

Clone disk Portable is simply an excellent app to make images, manage partitions or to create an image of your drive. You’d be hard pressed to find an app under 3Mb that does everything that Clonedisk does.
Whats New:
added : makeiso improvements around boot files
added : extend volume will propose the closest max size possible
added : make_vmdk reviewed to be compatible with vbox
added : makeiso to handle bootsect.bin and bcdw
added : netcat in imgconvert
added : logmessage function in imgconvert
modified : drive2raw & RAW2Drive now accept same parameters (logical/physical device or file as src/dst)
added : esd support in capture, apply, export and getinfos
added : will allow to clone a disk even if source is bigger than destination (x32)
added : partition editor to backup a partition to another physicaldrive (same offset src/dst)
added : GetDiskProperty->CreateFile with 0 instead of generic_read
fixed : can backup a dosdevice (like a shadowcopy volume)
added : can backup volume to volume
added : change disk ID on gpt (parteditor)
added : closehandle after detachvhd
added : new function _Change_PartID_Ex_GPT used in part editor
added : will do a offline/online cycle after Tfrmmain.create_partition only if disk is online
added : volume size in volumes
added : List_shadowvolumes_ in volumes
added : resizevhd function – will resize disk within, not the container – opposite of expand
fixed : a bug in compactvhd – will resize the container, not the disk within
fixed : allow to detach permanent drive during clonedisk session (x32)
todo : sync one last time to merge in one raw2raw method
todo : replace clone method by raw2raw
todo : set/getautomount
todo: write to rawio
added : will propose to extend volume even if grow partition failed
added : vhds support
added : partition editor display GPT partition unique GUID
added : backup/restore to/from compressed LZ4 file
added : netcat to backup/restore to/from network
added : backup/restore to/from vhd/vhdx (x64 to test)
added : wimcapture is lzms/esd compatible
todo : consider nfs in network screen
added : physical bytes per sector info displayed thru lib unit
added : vhdx will now be created with default physical bytes per sector i.e 4k
added : createvhd accepts logical and physical sector size as param
fixed : offline/online after create partition
added : replaced vhd2raw and img2vhd by RawVHD (except for xp)
modified : wim operations moved under “disk image”
added : 7z extractor (mainly to extract files from iso and wim)
added : disk and partition can be created while creating vhd (x32)
added : vhd can be created with 512 or 4096 sectors
added : lz4 compressor (x32)


Download CloneDisk Portable

Download – 4.1 MB
Mirror – 4.1 MB

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