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Portable Advanced System Repair Pro

Over time, computers can become slower. This is because of a variety of reasons which may include software issues, the hardware getting out of date, and even malware and viruses that may be taking advantage of the computer’s lack of defense. Advanced System Repair Portable brings you all the tools you need in one program to clean, fix, protect, optimize and boost your PC!

Portable WinSlap 1.6

In short, WinSlap Portable is a small Windows-only app that allows you to configure a fresh Windows 10 installation via various tweaks. For example, you can swiftly get rid of various features and aspects that can be considered as "bloat," and others that take advantage of your privacy a bit too freely. The most impressive thing about the app is definitely the number of provided tweaks. These tweaks are categorized into three main sections: Tweaks, Appearance, and Advanced.

Portable OutByte PC Repair

Take the bull by the horns: identify and resolve performance issues that might be affecting your PC. Outbyte PC Repair is a comprehensive computer repair tool designed to address a range of different system issues, clean up your drive, optimize performance, and improve your privacy and security. Like many other of its competitors, PC Repair is first a system diagnose tool and, secondly, a computer maintenance and repair tool.

Portable Acelogix System TuneUp (x64)

System TuneUp Portable is a modified version - with a different user interface. It's a collection of tools to optimize your Windows PC's performance. It has two modes - 'Normal' and 'Expert' so both novice and experienced users can use it accordingly. System TuneUp promises to keep your computer in top shape and increase its performance by removing bloatware, cleaning the registry and fixing errors, repairing non-working shortcuts, erasing duplicates, and allowing you to efficiently manage storage space.

Portable Asmwsoft PC Optimizer 2021 v12.0.3094

Asmwsoft PC Optimizer Portable is a collection of over 20 system-maintenance and optimization utility to tune up windows performance.Thus, you can boost your Internet speed connection, configure programs which automatically run at system startup, tweak Windows, remove unnecessary DLLs, delete fonts, optimize RAM, view system information and use a process manager.

Portable FileMenu Tools 7.8.4 (x64) Multilingual

FileMenu Tools Portable is a program that you can use to customize the Explorer right-click menu. It can be easily installed and configured, even by less experienced users. The interface of the application is based on a standard window with an intuitive layout. So, you can arrange entries when it comes to context menu commands, 'Send To' menu, and commands of other applications.

Portable Reset Windows Update Tool Multilingual

The Reset Windows Update Tool Portable has been developed for use as a support of system repair options. It is possible to reset the Windows Update Components. Also is able to delete temporary files, scan, detect and repair corruptions with the Windows System image, scan all protected system files and replace any corrupted files, change invalid values in the Windows Registry, reset Winsock settings and more.

Portable Kerish Doctor 2021 v4.85 (x64)

Kerish Doctor Portable is an all-in-one solution for automatic maintenance of Windows-based computers. The application prevents crashes, fixes system bugs, takes out digital trash, optimizes performance, and keeps the computer safe. Thanks to its unique engine, Kerish Doctor prevents Windows crashes in real time, and reliably fixes system registry errors. Kerish Doctor Portable is an usefull and complete software solution for the Windows Operating System automatic maintenance.

Portable Technicians Toolbox Pro 1.2.0 - Technicians Toolbox Portable is a collection of powerful tools to help both the technician and home users. Many of the tools have been built with making certain repair, cleanup and tasks easier, faster and better. More and more tools will be added to the program over time. Many of the tools have so many options, control and features that they could have been full programs on their own.

Portable FixMy10 v2.1.4

FixMy10 Portable  is a useful tool designed for fixing various common Windows 10 issues. FixMy10 will help you to correct problems with file associations; Windows functions as well as restoring settings/registry associated with file associations and Windows functions that have been changed by viruses, malware, or other things that can potentially cause errors.

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