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AnyErase Portable is a professional watermark remover that empowers you to remove watermark from photos & videos quickly. Adding watermarks to clips is a great way to prevent someone from stealing them and claiming them as their own, and the reasons for that largely fall on the creators of the clips. is more noticeable than other watermarks. So if you want to remove them from your photo\video, you need a special solution. One such solution is AnyErase Portable. This is a very simple tool designed to make the process of removing and adding watermarks accessible to anyone who needs such a utility.

Adding watermarks to your clips can be a great way to prevent others from stealing them and making them their own, and the reason behind all this is largely down to the creator of the clip. Some watermarks are more noticeable than others, so if you want to remove them from your video, you’ll need a dedicated solution.

One such solution comes in the form of AnyErase Portable, which is a very simple tool designed to make the process of removing and adding watermarks accessible to anyone who needs such a utility.

As simple as possible

The watermark removal process may seem rather complicated, but you really don’t have to do much here. To get things working, just add your video, select the Remove video watermark option and highlight the offending area. Wait a few seconds for the manipulation tool and your new watermarked video to be exported.

As for the tool’s watermark removal performance, it is decent. It’s clear that something was in that area prior to removal, and it looks like the program is using some sort of Gaussian blur filter for its watermark removal functions. It’s not the best, but it will.

Add watermark

If you want to add your own watermark to the video, you can do so through the Add video watermark option. The application is quite user-friendly and you are allowed to enter text and images as watermarks. Many fonts are available for your text and you can change the opacity, color and size of the letters in the same menu.

Adding an image is even easier:

Click the add image button and you can add photos, resize photos and add photos to your video.

AI-powered watermark remover
• Remove watermark from photos & videos
• Erase unwanted objects precisely & easily
• Delete watermark without blur
• Watermark your files with stylish image/text

Magical Watermark Removal Effects
Many users prefer to get rid of tourists, photobombers, power lines, buildings, and background wreckage of the image or video with AnyErase. Equipped with the latest AI technique, AnyErase is able to segregates the unwanted objects from background and intelligently reconstructs the area with textures pulled from surrounding data. In the end, you will get a fresh image/video as if the watermark has never been there. For this, many users rank AnyErase as one of the best watermark remover software.

Erase Objects from Image Intelligently
This professional watermark remover software features both rectangle and brush tools to erase watermarkss accurately. You can use the rectangle box to highlight undesired objects/people/text/logos, etc. Then AnyErase will detect all subjects intelligently and delete them instantly. In addition, you can even go to fine-tune the image with the brush tool. Suppose you’d like to photoshop someone out of a picture, AnyErase is your top option. It offers a hassle-free method to remove watermarks from image.

Remove Watermark from Video Smartly
For many chances, we need to hide information before sharing videos on social media. If you’d like to remove watermark from video, AnyErase offers a free yet incredibly easy solution. This magical video logo remover allows you to delete annoying logos, text, stickers, date stamps, etc., out of your videos. Plus, we also optimize the process to get rid of TikTok watermark. If you want to get an original TikTok video without watermark, visit the best TikTok watermark remover.

Add Stylish Watermark Quickly
Aside from object removal, in some cases, you may want to watermark your image or video with logos, text, stickers, etc., to hide sensitive information or increase brand awareness. AnyErase knows your demand well and wants to help you make it. It features an add watermark feature to lets you put a watermark on a video or image in seconds. Upload the video/image, enter the text or import a customized logo, and adjust its potion and opacity. All done, so easy, right?




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