Portable AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery 2.1.12



AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery Portable is a powerful software solution designed to help Android users recover lost or deleted data from Android devices. Whether you have accidentally deleted important files, lost data due to a system crash, or suffered data loss due to a virus attack, AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery can help you retrieve your lost data quickly and easily.

The best Android data recovery software provides powerful data recovery capabilities for Android smartphones and tablets. AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery can recover deleted or lost text contents like contacts, SMS, text messages, call logs, notes, WhatsApp chats, etc. from Android devices. Exported contacts are saved as VCF, CSV, or HTML for your use. Whether you accidentally deleted your Android data or lost it after factory restore, OS update, rooting, device stuck or unresponsive, device locked, forgotten password, flashing ROM, etc. The software will help you recover all your important data on your Android device.

One of the key features of AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery Portable is its ability to recover a wide range of file types, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, and more. The software supports all popular Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, and more, and is compatible with all major versions of the Android operating system.

The software is incredibly easy to use, with a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for even novice users to recover their lost data. The recovery process is quick and efficient, with the software scanning your device for lost or deleted data and presenting you with a list of recoverable files.

One of the standout features of AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery Portable is its ability to preview files before recovery. This allows you to see the content of a file before you recover it, giving you the opportunity to decide whether or not you want to recover it. This can be particularly useful if you are trying to recover a large number of files and want to avoid cluttering up your device with unnecessary data.

Another great feature of AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery is its ability to recover data from a variety of sources. In addition to recovering data from your device’s internal memory, the software can also recover data from SD cards and other external storage devices. This makes it a great tool for recovering data from a variety of different devices and situations.

The software also offers a number of advanced features for more experienced users. For example, you can choose to scan for specific file types or select specific folders to scan, allowing you to target your search for lost data. You can also choose to recover only selected files, rather than recovering all of the files that the software finds.

AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery also offers a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the software to your specific needs. You can choose to recover data in its original format, or you can compress it to save space on your device. You can also choose to recover data to a specific location on your device or to an external storage device.

Overall, AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery Portable is a powerful and versatile tool for recovering lost or deleted data from Android devices. With its extensive range of features and user-friendly interface, it is a great choice for anyone looking to recover lost data from their Android device. Whether you are a novice user or an experienced technician, AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery has everything you need to recover your lost data quickly and easily.

Back up and restore Android data safely and efficiently
Back up and restore any Android data selectively by one click
Android backup data type including Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, Gallery, Videos, Audio, and Documents
Restore any Android data from backup files to your Windows PC
Preview and choose any backup Android data before restoring with ease

Safely, easily and quickly back up data from Android device
AnyMP4 Android Data Backup & Restore is easy to use but professional software to help you back up any data from Android without hassle. You can back up data to PC or Mac by clicking “Device Data Backup” and then select the data you want including: Contacts & Messages, and Media data. Also you are allowed to finish backup process with One-click Backup feature safely and quickly. Besides, you are able to set a password for your backup to protect the private and important data.

Restore Android data from backup file and preview any data type
With this versatile Android Data Backup & Restore function, you are able to restore the backup file for Android phone or tablet. Before restoring, you can preview the backup Android data in the preview window. It allows you to restore data including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, pictures, videos, audio, music, WhatsApp and documents.



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