Portable Digital Signer Lite




Digital Signer Portable (Digital Signature) is software that digitally signs PDF documents using PKCS #12, X.509 digital certificates, pfx file, USB token (digital signature), Hardware token, Smart Card. Designed and developed by Pulkitsoft. Its also called digital signature software. Using this product you can quickly sign single/multiple PDF files (batch mode) by selecting input and output directory/folder. This is ideal for bulk signing of a large number of corporate documents rather than signing each one individually.

Features :
– Sign using USB Token / DSC / Digital Signature file.
– Sign using PFX digital file.
– Sign using X.509 digital certificates file.
– Sign using Personal Key digital file.
– Support Encrypted PDF files.
– Support Decrypted PDF files.
– Secure, Trusted Timestamping for long term signatures validation.
– Invisible Signature.
– Multiple SH1 / SHA-256 / SHA-512 algorithm for strong and robust security.
– LTV Enabled.
– Input Custome Signature Text.
– Add Custome Signature Image.
– Batch Mode (to work on the folder and apply the signature on multiple pdf)
– Check validate Signature.
– User-friendly design.
– Adobe compatibility.
– Allow Multiple Signature.
– Various signing methods.
– Free version updates.

Whats New:
All-new fresh interactive user interface
SHA-256/512 Support.
Input Custome Signature Text
Add Custome Signature Image
LTV Enabled – Secure, Trusted Timestamps for Long-term Signatures
Lits of free Timestamping authority
Various PDF Security Options
Free Timestamping server


Download Digital Signer Lite Portable

Download – 2.2 MB
Mirror – 2.2 MB

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