Portable Email Forensics Wizard 7.5 Enterprise Edition



Email Forensics Wizard Portable is a powerful and comprehensive software designed to help forensic investigators, law enforcement agencies, and other professionals to extract, analyze, and preserve email evidence. The software is developed by 4n6 Software, which is a leading provider of digital forensic solutions. Email Forensics Wizard Portable is an essential tool for anyone involved in digital forensics, as it provides a wide range of features to help analyze and preserve email evidence.

One of the most significant features of 4n6 Email Forensics Wizard Portable is its ability to extract email data from various email clients and servers. The software can extract email data from popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and many more. It can also extract email data from various email servers like Exchange Server, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, and many more. This feature ensures that investigators can access email data from various sources and analyze them effectively.

Another notable feature of 4n6 Email Forensics Wizard is its ability to recover deleted emails. The software has advanced algorithms that can recover deleted emails from email clients and servers. This feature is especially useful in cases where emails have been intentionally deleted to conceal evidence. With 4n6 Email Forensics Wizard, investigators can recover these deleted emails and use them as evidence in their investigations.

4n6 Email Forensics Wizard also provides advanced search capabilities. Investigators can use keywords, phrases, or even regular expressions to search for specific email messages or attachments. This feature makes it easy to filter through large amounts of email data and find relevant evidence quickly.

The software also comes with a comprehensive email viewer that allows investigators to view email data in various formats. The viewer supports various email formats like EML, MSG, PST, and many more. It also supports various attachment formats like DOC, PDF, XLS, and many more. This feature makes it easy for investigators to view email data and attachments without having to install additional software.

Another great feature of 4n6 Email Forensics Wizard is its ability to generate comprehensive forensic reports. The software can generate reports that provide a detailed analysis of email data, including sender and recipient information, email content, attachments, and many more. These reports are essential for presenting evidence in court or other legal proceedings.

The software also provides advanced metadata analysis capabilities. Investigators can access metadata like email headers, IP addresses, and timestamps to determine the authenticity and origin of email messages. This feature is especially useful in cases where email messages have been forged or manipulated.

4n6 Email Forensics Wizard is also very easy to use. The software comes with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for even novice users to use. The software also comes with a comprehensive user manual that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the software.

One of the most significant advantages of 4n6 Email Forensics Wizard is its compatibility with other forensic software. The software is designed to work seamlessly with other forensic software, which means that investigators can use it alongside other forensic tools to provide comprehensive analysis and preservation of email evidence.

In conclusion, 4n6 Email Forensics Wizard Portable is a powerful and comprehensive software designed to help forensic investigators, law enforcement agencies, and other professionals to extract, analyze, and preserve email evidence. The software provides a wide range of features, including email data extraction, deleted email recovery, advanced search capabilities, email viewer, forensic reports, metadata analysis, and many more. Whether you are a novice user or an experienced investigator, 4n6 Email Forensics Wizard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable and efficient email forensic software.

Forensic experts rated this tool as the best email forensic software for data analysis and examination.

  • Open, View, Analyse, Extract and Save Entire Mailbox Items
  • Auto-Locate Option to Load Configured Mailbox Profile data
  • Detailed Preview of Hex Values for Complete Data Verification
  • Email Forensics Tool to View of Email Headers and Properties
  • Search Option to Filter Out Emails from Folders in Mailbox
  • Extract: Email Address, Email Attachments & Phone Numbers
  • Export Emails as MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, HTML, VCF, TXT..
  • Directly Migrate Emails to Gmail, Office 365 or IMAP Services
  • Download Email Forensics Software and Install It on All Windows

Simple to Use Email Evidence Collecting Tool

Email Analysis Tool is the complete and most effective solution that allow users to open and analyze email data. This software has a very simple user interface. So, if a non-technical user desires to use this software to open and view all of their email data, they can easily do. With 100% accuracy, view, analyze and collect all mailbox data from email applications, webmail services, and email backup files.

So, download this Email Header Analysis Forensics tool to collect email evidence. The software will help you to view and analyse all type of email files on Windows computer.

Helpful for Forensic Investigators & IT Admins

It is the best Email Forensics Wizard for all type of users. It allows IT administrators and forensics experts to perform email investigations across 25+ file formats using a single interface. They can thoroughly examine the entire set of emails. The application provides a full preview of emails that includes content, headers, raw messages, attachments, attributes, and other information.

4 Steps to Perform Email Header Forensics:

  • Step-1: Download Email Forensics Investigation Wizard and Launch
  • Step-2: Add Your Emails File into Software Panel
  • Step-3: View Complete Data in 4 Preview Modes
  • Step-4: Select Export Options & Hit Save Button

Key Features of Email Forensics Software

Process Multiple Types of Files

A complete solution for processing mailbox data files of all the main kinds of email applications is the email forensics tool. The email forensic compiler works with various file formats that are compatible with over 60 email clients. Common email types supported by 4n6 email analyser software for PST, OST, EML, MBOX, and MSG files. Users can easily analyze complicated data files with the help of this software.

Preview of Complete Mail Messages

An embedded message viewer in this email analysis wizard shows complete email folders and associated data elements. Users may readily view all of the main email features, such as sender, cc, bcc, topic, attachment name, and so on. Furthermore, the email header forensics tool displays contacts as well as their entire contact information.

Supports Several Export Types

Depending on the choice of the user, selective emails or bulk emails are properly exported to any other file format. Includes numerous export types such as PST, EML, MSG, TXT, PDF, VCF, vCard, CSV, ICS and HTML, and cloud services like: Gmail, Office 365 and IMAP. This feature of the email forensics tool allows users to move their data from one platform to another at a given time.

Email Evidence Collection

This email forensics software allows users to collect all suspicious data files as evidence of the collection. This makes managing forensic email survey evidence even easier. Then, the users can scan, search, and analyze and extract email address, attachments, phone numbers at once. Software allows to save Email data for future use.

Useful Email Data Forensics Wizard

Email forensics wizard is a perfect and completely stand-alone tool. This is a portable application that can be easily started from any location or storage device. Also, there is no any other program, installation required to use this tool. Simply download and run the toolkit to quickly open and examine emails data files.

Advance Filters & Search Option

By using this best email forensic software, the user can effortlessly find or search for specific word or text content in emails data items. This email forensic wizard provides additional option to search for related types of messages such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, or many more. It is 100% safe and secure utility.

Easy to Use Interface

With the help of this email forensics software, the user can easily manage multiple emails files and convert them to various formats as featured in tool. Because it offers easy-to-use graphical user interface that any beginner can easily manage to perform the task. So, download the application now and analyse the complete data.

Save All Emails / Attachments Data

This best email forensics tool can track all the attachments of each email message in the mailbox. Right-click on the attachment to open and save it. Get data such as message header, subject, address, start address, date, time, CC, BCC, etc. If the email has multiple attachments, select the Save all option.



Download Email Forensics Wizard Portable

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