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English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable is a cutting-edge software designed to revolutionize the process of language acquisition and vocabulary enhancement. With its comprehensive database of words, engaging visual aids, and interactive exercises, this software offers a unique approach to learning English vocabulary. Whether you are a student, professional, or language enthusiast, English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable provides a dynamic platform to expand your lexical repertoire and improve language proficiency.

  1. Extensive Word Database:
    English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable boasts an extensive database of carefully curated English words, covering a wide range of categories including everyday vocabulary, academic terminology, professional jargon, and more. This comprehensive collection serves as a valuable resource for learners seeking to broaden their vocabulary and deepen their understanding of the English language.

  2. Visual Learning Experience:
    One of the key features that sets English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable apart is its emphasis on visual learning. Each word in the software is accompanied by vibrant and engaging visual representations, providing users with a multisensory learning experience. These visuals aid in reinforcing word meanings, associations, and contexts, making the learning process more intuitive and memorable.

  3. Interactive Exercises and Quizzes:
    To reinforce learning and assess comprehension, English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable offers a variety of interactive exercises and quizzes. These activities are designed to challenge users while solidifying their understanding of newly acquired vocabulary. Through interactive exercises such as matching games, fill-in-the-blank activities, and contextual usage drills, learners can actively engage with the language and track their progress effectively.

  4. Pronunciation and Audio Support:
    English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable includes audio support for each word, allowing users to listen to accurate pronunciations. This feature is particularly beneficial for non-native English speakers who seek to improve their spoken language skills. By hearing the correct pronunciation of words, users can refine their verbal communication and develop a more authentic accent.

  5. Customizable Learning Paths:
    Recognizing that each learner has unique goals and preferences, English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable offers customizable learning paths. Users can tailor their learning experience by selecting specific word categories, setting learning goals, and adjusting the pace of their vocabulary acquisition. This personalized approach ensures that users can focus on areas of interest or relevance to their individual learning objectives.

  6. Progress Tracking and Performance Analysis:
    To facilitate effective learning, English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable provides comprehensive progress tracking and performance analysis tools. Users can monitor their learning milestones, review completed exercises, and assess their overall proficiency. This feature enables learners to identify areas for improvement and measure their language development over time.

  7. Cross-Platform Accessibility:
    English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable is designed to be accessible across various platforms, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility allows users to engage with the software at their convenience, whether at home, in transit, or in educational settings. The seamless cross-platform experience ensures that users can integrate vocabulary building into their daily routines.

  8. Technical Support and Updates:
    English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable is backed by a dedicated technical support team committed to assisting users with any inquiries or issues they may encounter. Additionally, the software undergoes regular updates to incorporate new words, features, and improvements, ensuring that users have access to the latest advancements in language learning technology.

English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable represents a paradigm shift in language learning, offering a dynamic and immersive approach to vocabulary acquisition. Through its extensive word database, visual learning aids, interactive exercises, and customizable features, this software empowers users to enhance their English language proficiency with confidence and efficiency. Whether you are a student, professional, or language enthusiast, English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable provides a comprehensive platform to expand your vocabulary, improve language skills, and achieve fluency in English. Embrace the future of language learning with English Visual Vocabulary Builder Portable and unlock your full linguistic potential.

Thanks to our unique learning method, you will soon achieve great results on the path to mastering English. Vocabulary Builder is ideal for anyone wishing to learn some words and phrases for use on holiday, as well as those looking to brush up their language skills. Our unique method combines visual and acoustic training: each of the almost 2,000 words and phrases comes with a memorable illustration and is articulated by our professional speaker.

Our learning method is based on the flashcard drill concept. Your aim is to reach the highest proficiency level of “Very good”. You can structure your course to suit you and decide whether you want to learn everything or just specific topics. You’re also able to create and edit your own dictionary with completely new images and sound files in order to expand vocabulary. This means that you can choose to concentrate on learning words and phrases associated with specific topics, such as “Traveling”, “Communication means” or “Shopping”. To help you learn, you can choose from 9 entertaining exercises.


– More than 2,000 words and phrases illustrated and articulated.
– You may use the following languages as a source for words and phrases: Chinese, Czech, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Persian and Turkish.
– You can create and edit your own dictionaries with completely new images and sound files in order to expand vocabulary.
– You decide what you want to learn.
– All phases are articulated by native speakers.
– Each word and phrase is illustrated, making them even easier to memorize.
– Choose from 9 different types of entertaining exercises for enhancing your vocabulary training.
– Exercise to promote audio-visual memorization of words and phrases: alongside the audio recording and the visual image, you see the word or phrase written in both your native language and the foreign language.
– Concise and logical division of content into topics.



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