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Fotor Portable is a streamlined set of powerful editing tools for your images. Fotor’s fast and intuitive design offers advanced photo editing techniques for anyone who wants to try it out. With just a few clicks, you can get impressive results that allow you to unleash your creativity without having to dig into some of the confusing details of other graphics editors.

Take advantage of its features for collage and photo editing

Fotor Portable is great for users who need a flexible photo editing platform that is free and can be easily managed by someone with minimal computer knowledge. The program fits the definition of a software suite, as it includes two different modules, both of which aim to provide seamless graphic editing with an emphasis on creativity and imagination. statue.

We are talking about a photo editor combined with a collage maker, this is a great combination, if you ask us. The former provides the essentials of graphic editing, providing users with a collection of pre-made scenes that contain ready-to-use enhancements to your digital photos.

Enhance your photos carefully and easily with the help of Fotor

However, other adjustments are made; you can use crop tool to crop part of image, customize settings like exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance, add border or text watermark, as well as just apply some effects to get the original look . You also get an EXIF ​​info tool and the ability to share the edited photos to social networks like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, or add them to a collage.

Speaking of which, you can use the second module to create amazing montages, there’s no limit to the number of photos you can stitch into a single photo. You are welcome to use any of the available model shapes or continue with Freestyle mode for even more perks. This section also has a sharing feature, if you want to post the collage on social networks.

When you start the program, you will be prompted to edit photos or create collages.

Collages are for post-processed and edited image layouts in a fun format that you can print or share. Editing is where all the fun stuff is, like adding tunes, effects, and more. – so let’s start from there.

Clean interface. Even if you know nothing about photography or photo editing, you can quickly start editing an image to make it more pleasing to your needs. Here I have chosen a simple photograph of an eagle to see what I can do with it. Scene Mode works much like Scene Mode on a camera, making predefined software decisions for you based on the scene or lighting situation you choose.

The AUTO option works fine, but please click through all the options to see if there are any other options you like. There is no wrong choice. Just what you like.

Your next option is CUT. You do not have to follow the order of the steps in the menu, but to go for a walk it is necessary. I prefer cropping when I have final edits. The function itself is very nice. You can create a freeform if you want, enter the exact pixel size, or just choose from several presets and the program will do the rest for you. There’s a nice overlay of a 3×3 grid layout. This makes it easy to center and follow the rule of thirds. I did a 4×6 crop, which is a pretty good standard for printing. Grabbing the edges, I moved the crop to place the bird’s eye in the top center of the mesh until it felt more balanced.

Next is ADJUST. Here you can straighten the warped image (that’s why I cropped the last one), apply effects like red-eye removal and vignetting, as well as adjust exposure contrast, saturation, etc. belong to image. Don’t worry if you don’t know what it is. The program uses sliders so you can move as much as you want until satisfied. If you get lost, just hit the undo button to seamlessly undo the changes you’ve made in a tab. If you hate everything, just click the reset button at the bottom of the program. Here I added a bit of contrast and brightness and lowered the saturation a bit – trying to make the bird stand out a bit.

EFFECTS, which is where most of you would jump straight to. This is where you can take a picture of your beautiful yowza in a snap. You’ll find over 60 preset edits to give your photos a completely unique look that would actually take you an hour to do in something like Photoshop – without a whole bunch of plugins. However, you cannot stack changes. This means that if you want to choose the “Classic Real Illusion” filter, like I have here, and then decide that you also want to add one of the other artistic choices, the program will record override the first filter. To use multiple filters, you need to save your file, reopen the image, and add a new effect. It seems a bit cumbersome. Perhaps this can be fixed in future versions.

The next tab is Tilt-Shift. In short, I like it. I own Phorotshop, and yes you can achieve this effect with blurs, gradients and layers – but not so easily. A real tilt-shift lens will cost you around $1000 and a good lens with an aperture of 1.4 will also cost you a decent penny. However, if you’re looking for a hardware solution, you can do a lot with the new Lensbaby Compser for around $380. OR – You can use Fotor and get great results for free. You make a call.

You have two options:

Radial and linear. Traditional “tilt-shift” linear effects are used by creatives to make real-life still images look like miniature scenes. The bokah-like radial option has more accents than you get in a high-end lens. You’ll see options for F/22 to F/1.4 – this indicates the aperture that simulates the lens. For the purposes of this article, F/22 will have the least effect on your final image and F/1.4 will have the most. Here I used the radial option because the original image was a bit out of focus anyway and I wanted to bring out the eye. With this tool, what is in the center will remain sharp or sharp.

The next circle is slightly blurry and the outer circle is even more translucent. You can move them around as needed to create the effect you like. This blur effect draws the viewer’s eye to the sharpest part of the photo. For the eagle, I used the F/8 setting but mounted a butterfly at F/1.4 to show the difference.

And there you have it. Click save and you are done. The start to finish time I spent on this image was about 3 minutes, so be kind. Cool, huh? I dig it. It has a old school vibe to it that like. There is a nice SHARE button as well that can dump your photo straight to Flicker / Facebook /Twitter with a couple clicks.

One other note. There is a button at the bottom of this section that I nearly missed called, “Compare”. This is very handy. If you click and hold that button it will show you the original image. Release it and you are back to your edit. Toggling between the two is a great way to see if you are on the right track.

Ok, now click home to get to the main screen and you’ll see the Collage option. That is just that; a fast, flexible ability to make a bunch of collages very quickly. When opening, you can choose from hundreds of layouts of go freestyle. You can change some other options as well, like Border Color and Roundness, to taste.  Collages are a great way to share a few vacation photos quickly for in this case I added multiple perspectives of Niagara Falls which gives a more comprehensive impression of the falls than image or series of images could convey.

Ok, no Fotor is not Photoshop or GIMP. It’s not meant to be. It is however a fast and impressive editor that is a ton of fun. I was able to teach my 6 year old how to use Fotor in about ten minutes. I literally have a rocket scientist friend that I haven’t been able to teach how to use Photoshop in years, so…..Photoshop and and GIMP are not for everyone, but Fotor could be. I definitely recommend having this app in your tool box. It will save you time and bring out your creativity with almost no learning curve and zero cost… What’s not to like.




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