Portable Geeksnerds Windows Data Recovery 4.1.0




Windows Data Recovery Portable is carried out in our labs using advanced data recovery tools. Geeksnerds Ltd, has developed software tools to recover data from all devices using Windows Operating System. We can recover data form physical as well logical problems with devices using Windows Operating System.

Example of Windows devices are:
– Desktop Computers
– Laptop Computers
RAID Servers
– Windows Tablets
– Windows Phone
– External Storage Devices

Geeksnerds has developed Windows Data Recovery Tools for data retrieval from devices using Windows Operating System. Listed below are a few of the problems from which data could be recovered using Geeksnerds Windows Data Recovery Tools.

– Human error
– Partition table corruption
– Partition header corruption
– Master Boot Record Corruption
– MFT Corruption
– FAT Corruption
– Data Deletion
– OS Reinstall
– Windows Reset
– Partition Fomatted

If you have a data loss situation, be careful of physical damage to the hard drive or storage media. Sometimes, simply turning the system power on and off would lead to further damage to the hard drive. Make sure there is no unusual noise from the hard drive. If the hard hard drive spinning and detected by the system then test your drive for any physical problem. Most of the hard drive manufacturers have testing software on their website to check for problems with the hard drive.

Also, Geeksnerds hard drive testing software could be used to test the hard drive. If the problematic hard drive passes the test then data recovery software of your choice could be used to recover data lost due to logical problems. Data to be recovered using data recovery software should be saved to a location other than problematic hard drive to avoid overwriting.the hard drive.

Windows Data Recovery Software
– MBR & GUID Partition Support
– Recover Specific File Type
– Disk Clone Feature
– Recovery of Deleted Data
– Supports All Windows Versions
– FAT 16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS

System Requirements:
Geeksnerds data recovery software can recover from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file system. This professional data recovery software works efficiently for all version of Windows operating system. Windows Data Recovery Software can recover data from hard drive partition which has logical corruption. Windows data recovery software recovers data from hard drive partitions which have been deleted or formatted. Windows® 10, Windows® 8/8.1, Windows® 7 and below supported.


X-410GWDR.rar – 11.6 MB

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