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Interior Design 3D Portable is an easy-to-use and powerful program for interior design, house remodeling, and floor layout creation. Thanks to its handy building tools, you can easily recreate your house blueprints or build the plan anew in both 2D and 3D view modes. This software features 600+ decoration materials, a huge built-in library of furniture items, and a comprehensive set of sample plans to make home designing simple and enjoyable.

Almost everyone owns a computer, either for personal or business related activities. As such, it’s incredibly comfortable to view designs and create projects in a virtual environment. One suitable example is Interior Design 3D, which allows you to neatly create floor plans and designs, and even explore them in 3D.

Choose from a wide ray of apartments, houses, and rooms

Getting started can either be done on a new blank project, or by relying on one of the built-in samples. You can choose from different designs of apartments, houses, or just rooms. You’re also able to import plans in the current project in case you want to expand the plan without manually building rooms.

The application comes with several view modes, with the default one showing both the 2D and 3D representations of the plan. You can easily switch to either of the two modes individually, as well as a virtual tour, putting you in control of a room-level camera you control similarly to a FPS game, namely with the mouse and keyboard.

Edit objects and take a virtual tour

Designs can become pretty complex, especially since you can add and edit a large variety of elements. The project tab allows you to draw or add rooms, dra a wall, add furniture, insert doors and windows, add lights, build stairs, stairwells, and even columns. The application comes with a decent library of items, and positioning is simply done by dragging objects in the 2D plan view.

You’re not restricted to a single floor, with the possibility to extend your construction on multiple levels. Apart from simply adding elements, the application delivers customization options through the properties panel. Values like length, height, depth, position, and angle, but also textures are found here.

Although one of the views also includes a 3D mode, there’s a completely independent virtual visit. Here you can be a guest in your own project and freely walk around. Exporting can be done as a picture, PDF, compatible file with other 3D editors, or print the plan on a sheet of paper.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Interior Design 3D Portable delivers an intuitive set of view and edit tools which allow you to create the house or room of your dreams. Various objects can be added and customized with a whole range of textures, while the virtual visit makes you feel like you’re already there in the final, real build of the room.

Model Your Cozy Kitchen
Draw yourself a new kitchen. The software will automatically calculate the measurements

Decorate Your Bathroom
Use the extensive catalogue of 600+ decorative materials – tiles, wallpaper, any type of flooring

Explore Your Living Room
Take a virtual tour of your new living room to see if everything matches & there’s enough space

This software is not only a handy tool for 3D interior design, house, apartment or office renovation. This is also a fail-proof way to save both your time and money before the construction even begins. Now you no longer need to invite professional designers whose services are never cheap. With Interior Design 3D, you can experiment with room layouts and styles as long as you like without spending a cent.

Who Needs 3D Interior Design Program?

DIY enthusiasts
– Import your current house plan and recreate it using the software within the accuracy of an inch
– Choose furniture items and decor materials for walls, floor, and ceiling from extensive libraries
– Take a virtual tour of your newly redesigned place to see if decoration and furnishing match

Interior design gurus
– Upload your own dècor materials, customize every surface and every furniture piece to your liking
– View your project with different types of lighting. Decide on the color, intensity, and diffusion
– Swap standard doors for double ones or arches. Go for larger windows to let in more light

Cost-conscious users
– Don’t hire a designer – create a 3D house design yourself using templates or your own imagination
– Save your project as PDF or print it with accurate dimensions to send to your contractor
– Comply a shopping list for furniture and dècor materials based on the dimensions in your project



Download Interior Design 3D Portable

Download – 95.6 MB

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