Portable LibreOffice 7.1.5 Multilanguage (x64)




LibreOffice Portable is a powerful office suite. Translated into more than 30 languages. LibreOffice is free and is open source, so you can free to download, use and learn LibreOffice. LibreOffice free for private and for educational or commercial use. It can be used without any licensing fees to your family, friends, colleagues, students, employees, and so on.

When it comes to office suites, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice are among the most popular ones due to their numerous functions and intuitive interfaces. However, since LibreOffice Portable was developed from a fork of OpenOffice, it also regains its features and ease of use, and thus it gradually become just as famous.

The application comes with several components specifically created to help users process their text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, databases and formulas. This software solution also supports the default formats of Microsoft Office, so one can easily open and edit PowerPoint, Word or Excel files.

Create text documents and perform complex calculations
LibreOffice Writer provides users with a wide range of options, including common ones (such as font formatting, text alignment and line spacing) as well as more specialized ones, like synonyms and thesaurus (provided the required dictionary files have been previously downloaded).

LibreOffice Calc is the component that can be accessed whenever users want to organize their data in tables according to the number of rows and columns they need. This tool supports several types of functions that can come in handy for creating formulas and performing complex calculations.

Present pertinent data in a custom setting
LibreOffice Impress is the utility that can be of use for designing and customizing presentations and slideshows, while also supporting charts, diagrams, text messages and multimedia backgrounds. Each of the projects supports animation effects, slide transitions and font editing, so the result is bound to match the user’s expectations.

Draw and manage databases
LibreOffice Draw allows users to create both simple and intricate designs that can be exported to common graphic formats and then integrated into other projects. The generated drawings can include tables, charts or formulas previously created within LibreOffice apps.

Users can access LibreOffice Base when they want to explore the contents of their database files or connect to external multi-user database engines (such as MySQL, MS Access, Adabas D or PostgreSQL). In addition, this tool features built-in native-support drivers for the engines it supports.

LibreOffice portable office suite consists of several components that are integrated into a common core, in particular:

  • Text Editor Writer;
  • Table Editor Calc;
  • A tool for presentations and demonstrations Impress;
  • Vector editor Draw;
  • Formula editor Math;
  • Database Management System Base.

As the name implies, LibreOffice – one of the largest free office products. Freedom is manifested in:
The absence of any license fees for the purchase and use the product.
The absence of a language barrier. If your language is not included in LibreOffice, it is certain that this will soon change.
Open access to the source code under a license agreement OSI.

LibreOffice cares about the quality:
LibreOffice have a rich heritage. The development has its roots in the past. The community has more than 20 years of experience on which to rely.
Thousands of users around the world are taking part in the beta testing the new version.
The process of creating LibreOffice is completely open. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the improvement of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice convenient:
Easy to use and can be used without special training by all who had once worked with any office software.
Switching from another office suite on LibreOffice simple, since LibreOffice supports most existing formats “office” files.
LibreOffice Portable has the technical support that is provided by volunteers around the world to help find answers to questions both novices and experienced users.

What’s NEW in LibreOffice Portable

General improvements:

  • Writer now has support for anchoring shapes relative to the bottom of the page content frame. blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • Default anchor for newly added images can be set per Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Writer ▸ Formatting Aids tdf#99646 (Heiko Tietze, TDF)
  • Writer now supports locale-independent templates blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • Writer can now detect Unicode type even if imported text file does not have a BOM tdf#60145 (Tomofumi Yagi)

Outline folding mode:

  • Added a new Writer outline folding mode (as experimental feature). You should enable experimental features in Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Advanced dialog to see “Show outline content visibility button” checkbox in Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Writer ▸ View dialog. After checking it you’ll can see a button with arrow near any selected heading in your document. Click on it to fold all text from the current heading to next heading. Right click on it to fold all text from current heading to next the same level heading with all its subheadings tdf#38093 (Jim Raykowski)

Table formulas:

  • Added several table formulas for Word interoperability (László Németh, NISZ)
  • PRODUCT table formula tdf#123388
  • ABS table formula tdf#123354
  • SIGN table formula tdf#123390
  • COUNT table formula tdf#123356

Style inspector:

  • Added Style Inspector for displaying all the attributes of Paragraph Styles, Character Styles and manually formatted (Direct Formatting) properties. tdf#134554. Read the necessity of this tool here. (Shivam Kumar Singh, GSoC; mentors: Mike Kaganski, Heiko Tietze, Tomaz Vajngerl)
  • Fields:
  • Input fields now can be toggled with View ▸ Field Names core commit 926a1a16 (Michael Stahl, CIB)
  • Empty fields can be selected with the mouse core commit 2c7bf354 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)
  • Word compatible Fields can now be toggled to hide either the command or the result with View ▸ Field Names (Michael Stahl, CIB)


  • Speeded up find/replace operations tdf#119286 (Noel Grandin, Collabora)
  • ODF subtable conversion:
  • Simple cases of subtables in legacy ODF documents initially created by OpenOffice.org 2.2 and older can now be converted to modern rowspan tables on import, typically improving the quality of a subsequent export to Word formats or HTML drastically. core commit e366c928(Michael Stahl, CIB)


General improvements:

  • Added an option to disable paste with Enter key. You can find it in a dialog from menu Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Calc ▸ General. tdf#34686 (Martin van Zijl)
  • Now you can select items in Autofilter window clicking by all item’s row, but not only by checkbox tdf#116675 (Attila Szűcs, NISZ)
  • Fixed an issue in formula input box when Calc fail to set the formula reference if you have freeze rows/columns enabled in a sheet. tdf#47349 (Justin Luth, Collabora)
  • Added “Reset All” button to Solver dialog tdf#134528 (Rafael Lima)

Fill with merged cells:

  • Fix lost merging and bad linear sequence of numbers during fill with merged cells (Attila Szűcs, NISZ):
  • Copy merged cell structure like other spreadsheets do tdf#40993, tdf#59585
  • Select merged area wholly to fix the selection rectangle during fill, fixing incomplete attribute copying, bad grid and border tdf#43958
  • Apply correct linear sequence of numbers by skipping empty overlapped (invisible, i.e. not top-left) cells of the merged areas tdf#88782
  • Changed spreadsheet functions:
  • Now INDIRECT function supports sheet-local scoped names tdf#100818 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)


  • Improved spell checking performance in Calc core commit bdd149b1 (Dennis Francis, Collabora)
  • Improved performance when searching in Autofilter. Previously if the record contains a lot of unique values Calc will be very slow if you type-in a character in the autofilter search box. Now the search is instant. tdf#122419 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat), tdf#133878 (Luboš Luňák).

Impress & Draw:

  • Adding visible digital signatures to existing PDF files with Draw. Blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • Now Impress allows changing animations for several objects at once tdf#126394 (Srijan Bhatia)
  • Presentation console has an “Exit” button now tdf#90978 (Srijan Bhatia)
  • Presentation console has a “Pause/Resume” button now tdf#128964 (Srijan Bhatia)
  • Added realistic soft blurred shadows for objects tdf#48722 (Ahmad Ganzouri, GSoC; mentors: Miklos Vajna (Collabora), Tomaž Vajngerl)
  • Added new physics based animation capabilities and new animation effect presets that use them. Namely Fall Simulated, Shoot right/left and return, Fall and fade out. Blog post (Sarper Akdemir, GSoC; mentor: Thorsten Behrens (CIB))


  • Math has now a full support of HTML colors. Some of them have been added to the UI on Attributes section in Element pane. core commit 0643dab6 (Dante Doménech)
  • New examples in Element pane. core commit 2b29e16e (Dante Doménech), core commit ad8485eb (Laurent BP)



Download LibreOffice Portable

Download – 297.9 MB

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