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Bitsum developed ParkControl because core parking settings are hidden in Windows, but can make such a large difference on performance, particularly when there are bursting CPU bound loads (the most common type).

Core Parking

Core parking is a hibernation (C6) state supported by most new x86 processors and newer editions of Windows. Core parking dynamically disables CPU cores to save power when idle. When the CPU load increases again, the disabled cores are re-enabled. This technology is very similar to frequency scaling in that it tries to throttle the CPU when it is idle.

The problem is that the default Windows power profile is configured aggressively, especially with respect to parking cores on workstations. They were interested in saving energy, even if it meant slightly lower performance. Many complex parameters control when to stop the core, and Microsoft has made significant adjustments to save power.

Central Park settings in Windows are implemented as parameters in power plans (also known as power profiles). So, for example, you can turn off core parking for the High Performance power plan and leave it on for the other plans. And this is exactly the desired optimization for most users. Only disable parking for high performance power plans.


Empirical evidence shows that disabling core parking makes a big difference in system performance. There are many factors that determine effectiveness on a particular system, such as CPU type, application load, and user behavior. However, Windows is often too aggressive with core parking, causing excessive delays when cores are unparked to accommodate peak loads (the most common type of CPU load). .

In our testing, we found that AMD processors benefit the most from disabling core parking. This is probably due to the dramatically different way AMD processors share (hardware) computational resources across logical cores. Microsoft has optimized for Intel’s HyperThreading, which has a much less powerful secondary core. AMD’s secondary logical core is almost a complete CPU.

YMMV, but I wouldn’t have written this utility if I didn’t see a real significant performance improvement after disabling core parking.


These tweaks are completely safe for well-designed PCs. The only way it can cause a change in behavior is if your PC has overheating issues. In such cases, these issues are detected separately from these optimizations by simply putting a sustained heavy load on the CPU.


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