Portable Passware Kit Forensic 2021.1.0 (x64)




Reduce time spent on recovering passwords, improve recovery rates, and get more control over the password recovery process. Passware Kit Forensic Portable is the complete electronic evidence discovery solution that reports all password-protected items on a computer and decrypts them. The software recognizes 300+ file types and works in batch mode recovering their passwords. MS Office, PDF, Zip and RAR, QuickBooks, FileMaker, Lotus Notes, Bitcoin wallets, Apple iTunes Backup, Mac OS X Keychain, password managers, and many other popular applications.

Key Features
– Recovers passwords for 300+ file types and decrypts hard disks providing an all-in-one user interface Updated!
– Supports batch file processing
– Scans computers and network for password-protected files and encrypted hard disk images (Encryption Analyzer Professional included)
– Acquires memory images of the seized computers (FireWire Memory Imager included)
– Retrieves electronic evidence in a matter of minutes from a Windows Desktop Search Database (Search Index Examiner included)
– Recovers Mac User Login passwords and FileVault2 keys from computer memory
– Supports Distributed and Cloud Computing password recovery on both Windows and Linux platforms New!
– Runs from a USB thumb drive and recovers passwords without installation on a target PC (Portable Version included)

General Features
– Instantly recovers many password types
– Instantly decrypts MS Word and Excel files up to version 2019 (20 Credits for Decryptum attack included)
– Resets passwords for Local and Domain Windows Administrators instantly, including passwords for Windows Live ID accounts Updated!
– Recovers encryption keys for hard disks protected with BitLocker in minutes, including BitLocker ToGo
– Decrypts TrueCrypt, FileVault2, and PGP volumes in minutes
– Recovers passwords for Windows users from a memory image or a standalone SAM file, including UPEK
– Recovers passwords for Facebook, Google, and other websites from live memory images or hibernation files
– Recovers passwords for iTunes and Android backups, as well as Android physical images Updated!
– Instantly recovers passwords for email, websites and network connections from standalone registry files
– Extracts passwords from encrypted Mac keychain files
– Extracts passwords from Windows/Unix/Mac hashes
– Provides 9 different password recovery attacks (and any combination of them) with an easy-to-use setup wizard and drag & drop attacks editor)
– Uses multiple-core CPUs and NVIDIA and ATI GPUs efficiently to speed up the password recovery process by up to 100 times Updated!
– Uses Tableau TACC hardware accelerators to speed up the password recovery process by up to 25 times
– Provides detailed reports with MD5 hash values
– Integrated with Guidance EnCase
– Integrated with Oxygen Forensic Suite

Benefits for Computer Forensics
This complete electronic evidence discovery solution reports all password-protected items on a computer and gains access to these items using the fastest decryption and password recovery algorithms. Many types of passwords are recovered or reset instantly, and advanced acceleration methods are used to recover difficult passwords. Passware Kit Forensic introduces batch file processing and a new attacks editor, which sets up the password recovery process in the most precise way to provide the quickest decryption solution possible. The highest performance is achieved with Distributed Password Recovery, using the computing power of multiple computers, both Windows and Linux platforms.

Passware Kit Forensic includes a Portable version that runs from a USB drive and finds encrypted files, recovers files and websites passwords without modifying files or settings on the host computer. Perform a complete encrypted evidence discovery process without installing Passware Kit on a target PC.

Passware Kit Forensic, complete with Passware FireWire Memory Imager, is the first commercial software that instantly decrypts BitLocker, TrueCrypt, FileVault2, and PGP hard disks, MS Office documents, as well as instantly recovers passwords for websites, Windows and Mac users, by analyzing hibernation files and live memory images acquired via FireWire.

What’s New in Passware Kit 2021 v1:
– Passware Bootable Memory Imager
– Preview of generated passwords
– Instant FileVault/APFS decryption with a keychain
– Password recovery for Tally.ERP 9
– GPU-accelerated recovery of PDF owner password
– PDF password recovery improvements
– Password recovery for MS SQL
– Import of dictionaries preserving the order of passwords




Download Passware Kit Forensics Portable

Download – 321.3 MB

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