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System cleaning is a mostly automated task thanks to the numerous tools available to perform this task. This means that even someone with minimal knowledge can maintain the system without fear of failure. Windows already does a great job of keeping your system running, but there are benefits to improving this with third-party tools.

PC Boost PRO Portable, as the name suggests, is a tool aimed at helping users get the most out of their computers. The program offers several tools for this purpose, including a system cleaner and a process optimizer. See what’s happening on your dashboard

PC Boost Pro makes cleaning your PC easier and speeds up your PC. Remove unwanted apps and unwanted files from your computer with just a click. Duplicate Finder is designed to help you find and remove all these duplicate files easily. PC Boost Pro should disable startup items and uninstall unnecessary apps to speed up your PC.

Advanced PC Boost Pro features

PC Boost Pro shows you your PC’s current problems in a single scan. This includes all temporary and junk files and areas that need maintenance. This shows you the space on your PC that is occupied by duplicate files and can be freed. Scans help clean up your PC and make it feel like new.

Easy Scan

Scanning helps speed up your PC’s running processes and cleans up all unused old downloaded files. Shows how much space can be cleaned and improves disk performance

One-click repair

Fixes eliminate slow PC issues and speed up your PC. You can set the software scan criteria to get more comprehensive scan results and improve system performance

Advanced features

PC cleaner

PC Boost Pro is the world’s most popular PC cleaner. Protect your privacy, speed up your computer and improve performance. Best PC Cleaner of 2020. Optimize and clean your PC. Keep your computer clean and fast with PC Boost Pro. Keep your PC running smoothly with simple and advanced tools. duplicate finder

Reclaim wasted space on your hard drive, SSD or cloud and speed up system performance by removing all unnecessary and duplicate files from your PC. Duplicate File Finder helps you find and delete unnecessary files to free up disk space and improve your PC.

Memory Booster

Memory Booster is a small but powerful PC Boost Pro internal tool that helps clean up application paging files on your PC. One tap can effectively improve system speed

Disk cleanup

PC Boost Pro has an amazing built-in feature that allows you to remove all unnecessary and junk files from your PC. This allows you to have extra space with a cleaning disk in your system. System optimization
PC Boost Pro Optimizer is a core app that contains essential tools to keep up with your system needs. It is a great program of RAM and memory cleaner, system maintenance tool to safely erase all unnecessary files and speed up your computer with peak performance.

The home interface gives you a quick overview of your system.

Running processes and threads, RAM and CPU usage, disk writes and reads, etc. It also provides quick links to junk and registry cleaner features designed to improve system performance.

The Junk Cleaner feature helps you save disk space and performance. This is done by abandoning Windows logs and temporary files, error reports, browser cookies, cache and history, etc. Feel free to enable and disable options that apply to your use case so that your workflow is not adversely affected.

Cleaning the registry is a little complicated

Cleaning the Windows registry is highly controversial, and for good reason. As mentioned, Windows already does an excellent job of keeping everything running, so this is rarely needed. The problem is that if you tamper with the registry you can harm your system if you don’t know what you are doing. Everyone has to decide for themselves, but still be careful.

Users also have access to a duplicate finder utility that helps them save space and better organize their computer. Specify a folder or drive to scan and the tool will find all existing duplicates.



Download PC Boost Portable

Download – 10.0 MB

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