Portable JixiPix Pop Dot Comics 2.11




Pop Dot Comics is a fun way to create comic-book style illustrations from your snapshot or ones taken of your friends and family. Pop Dot Comic applies thick outlines, bold colors, and plenty of benday dots to newsprint or pulp papers to give every creation the look of one that’s been printed or published.

Pop Dot Comics—Comic book-style illustration and halftone effect
In the past, halftones were tediously inked in by cartoon artists or created in darkrooms. With Pop Dot Comic you can easily and quickly convert your photo into a comic book drawing that is worthy enough for the Sunday newspaper or your favorite pulp-fiction cover.

Pop Dot Comics Features
One-touch settings will automatically transform photos into a professional looking comic illustration with halftone. An included library of visual sound effects along with editable speech bubbles gives every Pop Dot creation POW!

COMIC Styles
Sunday Comics — creates a cartoon photo
Halftone — transforms a photo into a halftone newspaper photo
Pop Comics — converts photos into a bright pop art Lichtenstein-style cartoon
Pulp Comics — renders a cartoon with vintage colors on aged pulp paper
Noir Comics — creates a contrast toned or black and white comic with selective color like those seen in the Sin City series

• 5 Comic-book style halftone effects
• 5 Benday dot, line and halftone sizes
• Adjustable color area and outlines
• Comic book-style border with adjustable width, inset and color
• Paper tinting
• 46 Papers
• 48 Fun stuff objects and visual sound effects
• 48 Editable speech bubbles
• 100 One-touch settings

What’s New in 2.11
• Updated saving process



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