Portable Pro Motion NG 7.2.7




Pro Motion NG Portable  is a drawing software to quickly create pixel precise images, animations, sprites, tiles and level maps as used in games. It is ideal for artists working on detailed graphics as required for mobile systems like smart phones or handheld video game devices such as Nintendo DS or Sony PS Vita. It also suites well to create light weight graphics for the web or web based applications and games.

Create pixel art images & animations with a professional tool set
Use pen pressure sensitivity for brush sizes, dithering, shading and more
Use image or animation portions as brush
Seamless tiled pattern drawing
Load/save Sprite Sheets
Symmetry drawing (mirror, multi dot)
Tile map editor to create game worlds
Full featured color palette editor (copy, move, ramp…)
Layers & Layer effects (e.g. for parallax test, stroke)
Create and use bitmap fonts
Multi layer drawing grids
Pixel ratio (e.g. 2×1)
Brush container to organize brushes and animation snippets
Use dark user interface skin
More than two projects can be opened at a time
Light table onion skinning to ease animating
More than 2 graphic layers
Formula paint mode to extend realtime drawing effects
Multi layer brush pickup
Load/save images as animation
Realtime dither drawing
Key frame settings for navigation and onion skinning
More brush container slots
Auto backup feature
More pattern drawing rows/columns
Multi shade paint mode
Anti aliasing
Rotated ellipse tool
Layer lock function
Advanced masking
Pixel perfect drawing
Modify keyboard shortcuts


What’s NEW:

  • Added shortcuts to toggle color drag modes in palette window.
  • Improvements to frame resize dialog concerning size definitions. The changes include percentage edits as well as a new adjustment button containing different predefined width/height adjustments.
  • Fix: When modifying a halftone pattern slot value in the paint mode settings and closing/starting PM again then it selected the dither pattern you had in your last session, but it did not load the individual slot settings. Instead it used the default values.
  • Fix: When using the hue slider in the square color selector pad and moving to the fare right position it turned the color to black.
  • Pipette options for “pick once” and “pick opacity”.
  • If enabled “pick once” returns to the previous tool after color pick up.
  • If enabled “right Ctrl picks opacity” picks opacity with alpha transparent projects.
  • Fix: Clicking minimize icon of PM directely when another app is active, left main window open.
  • Added name labels for color harmonies.
  • Added shortcut to toggle layer solo mode.
  • Fix: If you have layer effects in two projects that display each other then you could not load them again in PM. An endless internal loop occurred.
  • Fix: If a brush whose colours have been remapped gets resized using shift++ or shift+- its colours get reverted to the originals unremapped state.
  • Fix: Create animation from color cycling lost transparency.
  • Added option for TGA compression.
  • Added crop to selection feature in menu “Frame”.
  • Shortcut entry to send current brush to brush container.
  • Function to select everything that has the current foreground color in menu “Selection”.
  • Fix: Remove files from recent file lists that don’t exist anymore and remove duplicates.
  • Fix: When having full screen window and closing last project then it stays open leading to crash later.
  • Allow max pixel scale of 600 on export.
  • Fix: If a daily update check has been done and a new version is available then the corresponding “New Version available” button shows. If PM was restarted then the button did not show anymore until next day when a new update check was done.
  • Fix: Loading true color image improvements. Sort palette. White is first color. Select color 0 to be be transparent when using alpha transparency.
  • Fix: The function to hold Shift to lock the movement to an axis suddenly stopped working. Internally it is checked that only Shift and no other key is down. On some Systems a couple of extra keys like “Play”, “Kana”, “Kanji” are always “down” to enable certain special functions. Such keys are now ignored.



Download Pro Notion NG Portable Software

Uploadrar – 9.2 MB
Hexupload – 9.2 MB

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