Portable Silent Install Builder 6.1.1




Silent Install Builder Portable  is designed with the purpose to help users create silent setup packages that allows them to install several applications on multiple computers.

Build various types of installers

Packages generated using Silent Install Builder can contain multiple installers of different types, which are automatically recognized by the application. InstallShield, Inno Setup, Wise and NSIS (Nullsoft Installer) are the supported categories.

Getting accustomed to the application is not difficult at all, thanks to its intuitive, well-organized, two-sided interface. The left pane displays the components of your project in a structured manner, while the right side enables you to edit the properties of each item.

Users can specify detailed information regarding their package, such as the product name, version, the manufacturing company and assign it small file description, as well as a welcoming message that is included in the final output.

Make use of automation scripts

The location of the actual installer file must also be specified. Once the executable file to process is loaded, Silent Install Builder automatically detects the installer type, together with its command line arguments, which can be edited by the user. For instance, a NSIS installer can optionally be launched silently and the CRC check can be activated or deactivated.

In addition to this, Silent Install Builder enables users to record and execute automation scripts, which allows the silent installation of an application that does not provide support for command line options. The recording process is very intuitive, providing a visual representation of each screen of the setup procedure and allowing you to select controls and set actions to perform.

To sum it up

A silent installer is designed to run without displaying messages or pop-up windows during its running. Silent Install Builder can assist you in building such a package in just a few steps and distributing it to end users.

Build silent installation packages
The Silent Install Builder allows you to easily install multiple programs with one click. You can create a setup package that contains multiple application installers. To install these applications, simply run the package. Programs will be installed automatically in background mode (silently).

Unattended installation exe and msi files
The most difficult task of unattended installation is determine the application installer type and command line options . The Silent Install Builder automaticaly recognise most common used application installers such as InstallShield, Wise, Nullsoft (NSIS) and other.

The list below contains some supported installers and their command line swithes:
Inno Setup
Nullsoft Installer (NSIS)
Windows Installer (MSI)



Download Silent Install Builder Portable

Download – 2.3 MB

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