Portable Summitsoft Graphic Design Studio Platinum v1.8.0.1



Graphic Design Studio Portable – Easy Illustration & Design Software. Now you can create your own professional looking graphics with easy-to-use design tools that make your projects look like you paid a graphic designer!

User-Friendly Interface:

One of the key strengths of Summitsoft Graphic Design Studio Portable lies in its user-friendly interface. Navigating through the software is effortless, allowing users to focus on their creative process rather than grappling with complex menus and toolbars. The clean and intuitive layout ensures that even novice designers can quickly grasp the software’s functionalities and start creating stunning graphics in no time.

Comprehensive Design Tools:

Graphic Design Studio Portable offers an extensive array of design tools that empower users to unleash their creativity and produce visually stunning graphics. The software includes a vast library of pre-designed templates, allowing users to jumpstart their projects and customize them to match their unique requirements. From brochures and logos to social media graphics and web banners, Graphic Design Studio provides endless possibilities for creating professional designs.

Typography and Font Management:

Typography plays a crucial role in graphic design, and Summitsoft recognizes this by offering a comprehensive font management system within Graphic Design Studio. Users can choose from an extensive collection of high-quality fonts, ensuring that their designs convey the right message and aesthetics. The software also provides advanced text editing capabilities, allowing designers to fine-tune typography elements such as kerning, tracking, and leading to achieve pixel-perfect results.

Vector Graphics and Illustration:

Graphic Design Studio Portable incorporates powerful vector editing tools that enable users to create scalable and high-resolution illustrations. With a range of drawing and shape creation tools at their disposal, designers can effortlessly craft intricate logos, icons, and illustrations. The software supports various file formats, including SVG and AI, ensuring compatibility with other design tools and seamless integration into existing workflows.

Image Editing and Enhancement:

In addition to vector graphics, Graphic Design Studio offers robust image editing capabilities. Users can easily manipulate and enhance images using an array of tools such as cropping, resizing, and applying filters and effects. With the software’s non-destructive editing features, designers can experiment with different edits without compromising the original image quality, providing them with the freedom to explore and refine their creative vision.

Export and Output Options:

Summitsoft Graphic Design Studio facilitates smooth collaboration and efficient project sharing by providing a range of export and output options. Users can export their designs in various file formats, including PDF, JPEG, and PNG, ensuring compatibility with different platforms and devices. Whether it’s for print or digital media, Graphic Design Studio equips designers with the necessary tools to deliver their work in the desired format.

Draw, Design & Create
Draw or design your own creations with our easy to use pen and pencil tools that can help you create one-of-a-kind graphic art and illustrations.
Transform Text & Fonts
Make any text awesome and jump off your banner with total text control that gives any font a creative edge. Control the color, size, and shape.
Edit Clip Art & Graphics
Resize any .svg vector image to match any size project with our easy to use and flexible design tools.
The flexible, open canvas can create graphics in any size and any amount of detail that you need.
Professional Formats
Save your work as PDF, PNG, JPG, TIF, GIF, SVG, EMF, XPS, BMP, and WPD formats.
Special Effects
Add a creative touch using professional effects that get noticed like shadows and 3D bevel techniques.
Choose from over 100 professionally-created Design Inspirations to help get you started.
Graphic Design Studio Features
Create beautiful graphic designs and vector illustrations on your PC.
You don’t need to be a graphic design professional to create incredible looking artwork for any print or online project. Simply use the powerful vector drawing tools to sketch out your design, or import a vector graphic in SVG format to add your own creative touch. Beginners to graphic design can get started quickly by using any of the 300+ pre-designed, royalty free design ideas and graphics without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Advanced Graphic Design Tools:

– Full layer support
– Powerful Bézier editing tools
– Boolean operations to create new shapes
– Create text art and add text to any path
– Full support for SVG files, including import and export
– Knife tool to slice graphics on the canvas
– Eraser tool to remove parts of graphics
– Blend tool to create 3D tunnel effects and unique shapes
– Component Library to save and reuse new graphics you create
– Creative background and fill textures
– Solid, text and artistic strokes for added style
– Smoothing tool to smooth out choppy freehand drawings
– Artistic color palettes and gradients
– Detailed help guide

Unlimited Colors
Brighten up your designs with our full artistic color palette and graphics.
Easy To Use
Powerful yet easy to use tools allow you to move shapes, text, lines and layers to create the perfect design.
Vector Shapes
Choose from a wide selection of preset shapes to create more complex shapes.
1-Click Effects
Add stunning effects like blurs, shadows & glows with the click of a button.
Layers make it easier to change colors and make changes without disturbing other parts of your design.
Professional Formats
Easily export your designs and save them in any format to be used with any program.
Choose from over 100 professionally created design ideas and modify to your liking.
Flexible Tools
Use the powerful vector drawing tools to sketch out an illustration or add creative flourishes.

A Graphics Program With Unlimited Possibilities

– Create signs and flyers for your garage or yard sale
– Design trade show banners and table top signs for the farmers market
– Door hangers for your roofing or siding company
– Company branded magnets the for side of your truck
– Billboards that reach millions of travelers and passengers
– Signs and posters for kids school projects
– Graphics for t-shirts, hats and clothing
– Create web graphics for just about anything
– Business cards, food menus, bulletins
– And So Much More!



Download Graphic Design Studio Portable

Download – 1.2 GB

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