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ZBrush Portable is the industry leading, industry standard digital sculpting software. This update brings improvements that let you explore new workflows, including the ability to create high-quality renders with Redshift integration. From hard surface modeling and character creation to world building and environment design, ZBrush gives you easy access to a variety of workflows and endless creative possibilities.

ZBrush 2023 Portable is now available! This new version delivers dramatic developments that give artists the ability to create high quality renders with our first steps toward integrating Redshift.  You will also be able to explore new and enhanced workflows, as well as enjoy architectural changes to take advantage of the power of M1 and M2-powered Macs.

Redshift in ZBrush

Redshift brings world-class rendering to ZBrush! This new integration provides an exciting workflow for rendering high-quality images in ZBrush. Redshift for ZBrush supports Standard, MatCap and Redshift materials to add realism.

As an added benefit, you can also apply native ZBrush filters to your finished render as if it were a ZBrush render.

Maxon One and Redshift subscribers can harness the full power of Nvidia and Apple GPUs for rendering. Also, all subscribers can take advantage of pixel parity when using CPU rendering on compatible systems.


Industry-best automatic retopology is made even better with the option to save and compare the results of different settings such as topology ordering and building.

Keep PolyPaint
Optimize your mesh at any point during production with the new Keep PolyPaint option. Seamlessly project existing paint onto a newly constructed mesh.

Crease Edge UV Unwrap
Crease Edge automatically finds the most efficient hard edges and “creases” where UV seams should be placed for UV mapping generation.

Integrate fully GPU-accelerated, biased rendering into your ZBrush pipeline

Render high resolution images on the fly without using UVs or texture map information. Take your art to the next level with subsurface scattering, emissive light generation, full metal material control, and realistic glass etching effects. ZBrush and Redshift integration offers new and exciting ways to create high quality images.

Slime Bridge

Dynamic method! Harnessing the power of ZBrush’s masking system, Slime Bridge strives to expand its modeling capabilities to include complex geometric connections and designs from one masked island to another. Simply draw a mask on a specific surface, create another mask on a group of adjacent faces, and set the parameters of the slime bridge. Click the slime bridge button to see real-time construction and eclectic shapes come to life. The Tension, Bridges, and Branches sliders provide entry points for even more creative control when impersonating things.

Sculptris Pro

Sculptris Pro is a dynamic tessellation sculpting workflow that allows you to ignore polygon variance limitations and simply sculpt. With Sculptris Pro, you can start with any shape or model, whether it’s 10,000 or 10,000 polygons. There is absolutely no need to have enough polygons to capture detail. With Sculptris Pro, just brush the surface. Sculptris Pro dynamically adds and flattens polygons where and when you need them, so you can focus on the look you want to achieve.

ZBrush offers a library of over 400 sculpting brushes. With Sculptris Pro enabled, each of these brushes turns into a system that doesn’t limit your creativity. ZBrush comes with a set of brushes specially designed for Sculptris Pro.

Subdivision Size Picker

Additions to the already robust Sculptris Pro feature set include enhanced resolution capabilities. Use triangle size with 5x density. The Sculptris Pro slider allows you to increase the density of the desired area while decreasing the size of the triangles. That is, the important parts are more detailed. Advanced usage includes interactive manipulation of triangle size when hovering over specific areas of the asset.

Multi-Resolution Mesh Editing

An inherent problem with traditional 3D modeling methods is that sharing meshes has hitherto tied you to your design. There’s no way to go back and make macro-level changes without sacrificing everything that’s achieved at higher resolutions.ZBrush overcomes this limitation with its Oscar-winning feature, Multi-Resolution Subdivision Editing. With this system, you can switch subdivision levels at any time and make changes where it makes the most sense. These changes automatically affect all other layers of the model.

Mask Region

Mask Regions allow advanced use of ZBrush’s robust masking system by allowing you to draw shapes on the surface of a mesh and fill those regions evenly and independently. If you select the auto range option, the mask will automatically fill in and complete the selection. Analyze Region allows you to select multiple maskings while ZBrush recognizes and fills the selected regions. Fill Area automatically fills all areas ZBrush detects, completing multiple mask selections at once with the press of a button.

Apply Last Action

The Apply Last Action to All Subtools feature lets you apply material attributes, color information, and other “undoable” operations to multiple subtools in your ZBrush tool palette with the click of a button. Only subtools that have the “eyeball” icon/visibility enabled in the subtool menu are affected.

Folder support has been added to further extend this functionality. The Folders Add-on feature allows you to manage Apply Last Actions to specific folders for greater control over the modeling and visual presentation of your assets. Grouping sub tools into folders allows you to apply ‘Apply Last Action’ to sub tools within the currently selected folder.


  • Apple Silicon support. ZBrush will now run natively on those devices, generally improving performance.
  • Redshift Bridge now included with ZBrush.
  • Redshift Materials added to ZBrush Material palette.
  • Save and Save Next added to File menu, to the Project file menu and the Tool menu.
  • Slime Bridge menu added to Tool Palette.
  • “Retry” and “Keep Polypaint” added to ZRemesher menu.
  • “Picker” option added to Stroke> Sculptris Pro. This functions similarly to the Dynamesh resolution picker.
  • “Mask Region” menu added to Tool> Masking.
  • “Create (Unwrap)” options added to Tool > UV Map.
  • “Apply Last Action to All Subtools and Folders” added to the Subtool palette.


  • Local Symmetry (L.Sym) is now controlled by the Gizmo manipulator center, allowing for symmetrical operations even after a mesh has been rotated off-axis.
  • ZRemesher now caches data which improves performance in certain situations when using it repeatedly on the same mesh. This will be most effective on higher resolution meshes.
  • General ZRemesher performance improvements.
  • Shift-clicking with the Gizmo manipulator on a vertex will now center the camera on that vertex similar to the ZModeler “Set Camera Perpendicular” feature.





Download ZBrush Portable Software

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