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Portable Mossaik Presets Pro 1.0.5

Mossaik Presets Portable is an extremely powerful and smart editor that allows you to apply a multitude of curated changes to your photo in a single click. Each preset is carefully crafted by experts on calibrated monitors to create realistic, artistic, imitate old camera effects etc. There is minimal to no learning effort needed to be able to apply presets and execute basic photo editing commands, thanks to a an ergonomically designed User Interface.

Portable Pro Motion NG (x64)

Pro Motion NG Portable  is a drawing software to quickly create pixel precise images, animations, sprites, tiles and level maps as used in games. It is ideal for artists working on detailed graphics as required for mobile systems like smart phones or handheld video game devices such as Nintendo DS or Sony PS Vita. It also suites well to create light weight graphics for the web or web based applications and games.

Portable Krita Studio 5.2.2 (x64)

While some might think that everything that is digital art nowadays is made entirely in Photoshop, the truth of the matter is that the unsung heroes of most masterpieces (besides the artists) are the digital painting apps that don't even get half of the credit. Designed for illustrators, concept artists, comic book creators, matte painters and even game artists, Krita is one such application that should get a little bit more attention.

Portable Blender 4.0.2 (x64) Multilingual

Blender Portable is a free alternative to professional applications such as Maya and 3D Studio Max. This software is also portable which means that you can carry it on your memory stick and do your job on any PC using Windows. Blender is the open source software for 3D modelling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback packaged as a portable app, so you can do your rendering on the go.

Portable FaceSwap 1.0.0 (x64)

FaceSwap Portable is an advanced software that utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to seamlessly swap faces in images. This highly versatile tool is designed to meet the needs of both professional and casual users, offering an intuitive interface and powerful features that make face swapping a breeze.

Portable Benvista PhotoZoom Pro 8.2.0 Multilingual (x64)

PhotoZoom Pro portable not only creates larger images than any other software (up to 1 million by 1 million pixels), it also produces higher quality results. PhotoZoom Pro is equipped with S-Spline Max, a unique, patented image resize technology which excels at preserving clean edges, sharpness, and fine details. Even noisy, compressed originals can be enlarged successfully.You'll be amazed by the amount of detail PhotoZoom Pro is able to dig up from below the mess.

Portable CorelDRAW Graphics Suite v24.5.0.731 (x64)

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Portable - Take the plunge and change your design. Find all the professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and design tools you need to work faster, smarter, and more with this leading graphic design software. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Portable offers a sleeker user interface than its predecessor and is constantly improving its features and tools. The app also provides additional toolsets and flexibility.

Portable AMS Passport Photo Maker 9.41 Multilingual

Passport Photo Maker Portable is the professionals’ choice when it comes to making ID photos that correspond to the latest requirements. The integrated database of ID types that comes with the software stores the settings for different types of documents common in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and other countries

Portable SoftOrbits Photo Editor 8.2 Multilingual

SoftOrbits Photo Editor Portable is a comprehensive and user-friendly software designed to meet the needs of both amateur and professional photographers. With its powerful set of features and intuitive interface, this software provides users with the tools they need to enhance, retouch, and manipulate their photos with ease.

Portable SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer 10.1 Multilingual

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital creativity, SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Portable emerges as a powerhouse, transforming ordinary photos into captivating sketches with the portability to match. Dive into the technical finesse and creative possibilities of this software as we unravel its features, functionality, and the seamless blend of artistry and mobility.